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From Behind the Curtain: Q&A with Rosemary Courtney, Technical Accounting Director


Our new Q&A blog series, From Behind the Curtain, provides a glimpse into the lives of the people behind our software. This series features a sit-down with different members of our team who will share unique insights and perspectives about their roles at Visual Lease.  

This week, we sit down with Rosemary Courtney, Technical Accounting Director at Visual Lease, to learn how her role impacts product development, assists with overall accuracy and provides expert insight to our customers. 

Joe Headshot

Joe Fitzgerald

SVP of Lease Market Strategy
Visual Lease

Rosemary Courtney

Rosemary Courtney

Technical Accounting Director
Visual Lease

Question #1: Joe Fitzgerald, SVP of Lease Market Strategy

What does the technical accounting function do at Visual Lease? 

Answer #1: Rosemary Courtney, Technical Accounting Director 

The technical accounting function is responsible for many things at Visual Lease, including: 

  • Supporting cross-functional efforts regarding technical accounting and accounting operations  
  • Providing experience and insight into key traits, behaviors, goals, responsibilities and needs of accountants to influence product development and roadmap 
  • Enhancing the speed and quality in which Visual Lease can develop and deploy product, as well as test new designs and features 

Question #2: Joe Fitzgerald, SVP of Lease Market Strategy

What are some recent cross-functional initiatives you have been involved in? 

Answer #2: Rosemary Courtney, Technical Accounting Director

I am often involved in various initiatives across the business to provide a best-in-class product and service experience to our customers and potential customers. Some recent examples of initiatives include: 

  • Supporting Sales with technical accounting expertise  
  • Providing quality control to marketing messaging  
  • Assisting with internal employee technical accounting training 

We also meet with regulators and research emerging accounting standards and developing markets to ensure Visual Lease remains highly informed. 

Question #3: Joe Fitzgerald, SVP of Lease Market Strategy

Can you shed some light on your 2022 goals? 

Answer #3: Rosemary Courtney, Technical Accounting Director

Our goals in 2022 revolve around continuing to expand the breadth and depth of our already strong technical accounting expertise   and in the end, providing the best possible experiences for every one of our internal and external customers. We plan to expand the technical training throughout the team and across Visual Lease. In addition, we would like to assist with cross-functional development of the customer needs and new markets and channels. 

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From Behind the Curtain gives an inside look into the responsibilities of various Visual Lease teams and how they work together to ensure the solution is regularly improving and clients are successfully complying with the latest lease accounting standards.

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