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Achieve ASC 842 compliance with ease.

You need a lease accounting solution that can keep pace with your portfolio

Take control of your lease accounting. We’ve helped nearly 100 retail and hospitality companies achieve confident ongoing ASC 842 compliance with ease.

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Visual Lease by the numbers

Retail and hospitality customers
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Why retail companies love Visual Lease

"Saving time is important to us, given we don’t have a lot of people on our team. Visual Lease has made us at least 50% more efficient."

Dru Ingram
VP, Corporate Controller at Bassett Furniture

Retail & hospitality-ready system capabilities

Account for every lease in a single subledger

Centralize your lease financials in a single source of truth, regardless of asset type and lease scenario, including master leases, subleases, embedded leases and more.

Support unique business requirements with easy configurations

Track and report on specific lease data points for different regions and business units. Handle specified account cycle reporting needs, including fiscal calendar configurations (e.g. 4-4-5, 4-5-4 and 5-4-4).

Run insightful reports that influence business decisions

In just one click, view lease data findings to make informed choices about your leases, including identifying viable physical real estate locations.

Stay confident and audit ready through every change

Easily generate journal entries, disclosures, reports and footnotes required to get compliant – and stay that way as your leases change. Easily manage the most complex remeasurements with simple calculations.

Be nimble while staying compliant & in control

Experts included, never extra

Experience the benefits of a dedicated team of experts to help you stay compliant and in control, even as your leases and regulatory requirements evolve.

Powerful third-party integrations

Seamlessly integrate your lease data and financial information with ERPs including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable modules, BI tools and more.

Implementation in 90 days or less

Hit the ground running with our proven path to compliance, including a reliable implementation process and team of experts.

Experience a fully scalable, reliable system

Make sure the system can grow with you as your business takes on new leases. Ensure there are checks and balances with integrated approvals and full audit trail capabilities.