ASC 842 Compliance

Visual Lease enables compliance under ASC 842, while also adding visibility, control, and efficiency to lease management tasks and processes overall.

Leases, Meet the Balance Sheet

ASC 842 requires organizations to recognize leases longer than 12 months as right-of-use assets, and account for them as liabilities on their balance sheets. To do this can be overwhelming and challenging, but Visual Lease's software will save you time, risk, and frustration as you seek to meet these standards.

Save Time and Gain Accuracy

With all the data you need in one place, no matter how large or complex your lease portfolio is, you can automate monthly calculations and disclosure reports, so you have what you need within minutes.

Account for Critical Changes

Details about your leased assets can change between reporting periods. Visual Lease's software provides alerts for changes that could impact your financial reporting, so you can ensure your reporting remains up-to-date and accurate.

Centralize Your Lease Data

Leases are incredibly complex documents, containing many variable data points. Avoid additional challenges involved in surfacing lease data that may be scattered between departments and in a mix of formats. Visual Lease brings it all together into one highly configurable platform so that it is easily accessible, searchable, and actionable.

Get Exceptional Visibility

See your data the way you need to truly understand the performance of leased assets and make important decisions. Visual Lease delivers reports required for ASC 842 compliance, while also making it easy for users to set up custom reports.

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Lease Software for Compliance and Ongoing Success

Keeping up with regulatory changes can be a drain on an organization’s resources. Visual Lease is designed to achieve ASC 842 compliance while also offering the tools and features to empower you to manage your business more efficiently, saving you time and money where it matters.

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Automated Operating Expense and CAM Audits

Are you wasting money on overpaying CAM and other lease-related operating expenses? Visual Lease's audit manager ensures charges are accurate and in accordance with lease terms.

Visibility into Lease Changes

View any modifications made to your lease portfolio within the platform, so you can easily see a full record of every change to each lease, including the addition of new assets and updates to critical lease information.

Extensive Lease Accounting Functionality

Leverage the platform’s robust calculation capabilities to serve as a sub-ledger to your General Ledger. Always have access to up-to-date lease financial information and easily integrate data into ERPs or other systems.

Efficient Lease Reporting

Visual Lease provides all the disclosure reporting required by regulators and your auditors out-of-the-box, supported by corresponding journal entries so you can transform a time-consuming, resource-intensive process into a few simple clicks.