A reliable implementation process is crucial to your business’ lease management and accounting success. That’s why our implementation services are designed to streamline the setup of your Visual Lease system from start to finish.

Designated implementation

Guiding you through every phase of implementation, our Implementation Managers aren't just helpful, they're pros when it comes to setting up a system with your unique needs in mind.


We work with you to configure your Visual Lease system any way you need. Any field within the platform can be set up to reflect your organization’s needs and processes.

Identified project goals

Your Implementation Manager will work with your team to define goals specific to your business. You will get a project plan customized to your needs and provide guidance each step of the way.

Ongoing support

Your Implementation Manager will work with you through validation and testing to go-live. Once live, you will receive continued support from our Account Management, Technical Support and Customer Success teams.

Lease abstraction

Don’t take a chance when it comes to the accuracy of your lease data. Visual Lease partners with the best service providers in the industry to offer the support you need to simplify and standardize the clauses within complex lease agreements.

Why lease abstraction?

Leases usually contain complex provisions, clauses and terminology, which are often difficult to analyze and decipher. It takes a lot of time and energy to properly interpret, organize and extract every necessary data point from each lease within your lease portfolio.

Hiring a professional lease abstracting team is the smartest way to ensure accuracy and achieve compliance. The companies listed below are leading the way in lease abstracting and provide services for businesses of all sizes.

Oct 22, 2020

“The ease of use and the lease accounting function which allows you to run multiple lease calculations and scenarios for a lease. It has allowed us to move away from excel based spreadsheets and calculations and automate the calculations. Additionally we have realized great benefit from the centralized tracking and administration. We set up system alerts which send out emails to allow us to stay on top of upcoming term renewal windows so we can assure we make the best strategic decision.”

Very user friendly platform & Great Lease Accounting Function!What do you like best?

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