Need to be GASB compliant?
Visual Lease has your organization covered.

Achieve GASB 87 & 96 compliance with ease

Reduce risk. More than 1,000 companies use Visual Lease to achieve and maintain confident GASB compliance including large municipalities and higher education institutions like New York University, City of Las Cruces and County of Greenville.

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What organizations say about us

"Obviously the best part to me is how easy [Visual Lease] is to use. Visual Lease is a very straight-forward platform. I’ve been involved in a lot of implementations, used a lot of different software, and just from the beginning, Visual Lease has been straightforward and easy.”

Dominic Cromartie
Associate CFO at Poarch Creek Band of Indians

Key features for confident lease accounting

All your contracts in a single subledger

GASB compliance starts with complete data. See all your contracts in one place (e.g. lessor leases, lessee leases, SBITAs) for easy tracking, reporting and management.

Automated GASB compliance

Generate the required journal entries, disclosure reports with qualitative footnote disclosures and footnotes automatically, and handle every calculation and remeasurement for lessee and lessor accounting with confidence.

Complete system configurability

Set up the system any way you want, including ad-hoc reports and unique contract terms for leased buildings, transportation vehicles, parks and preserves, as well as embedded leases like service contracts.

Intuitive user experience

Save time with a flexible, easy-to-use user interface that has helped hundreds of satisfied customers maintain ongoing GASB lease accounting compliance.

We can help you achieve confident, ongoing GASB compliance

Quick system set up

Get set up and running in just 90 days or less with our expert implementation specialists and training team.

Proven system security

Trust your disclosures are accurate through reliable accounting calculations and trusted policies and procedures, all backed by a SOC 1 type 2 audit.

Unlimited customer support

Receive a day-to-day resource to answer any questions and help you troubleshoot.

Internal controls

Ensure every action is by the book with integrated approvals and workflows – and track every change through a comprehensive audit trail.