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Access our quick product overview videos

See it in Action

Navigate Contractual Complexities with Confidence and Compliance

Master your legal landscape with an integrated lease management solution designed with the needs of legal professionals in mind.

Streamlining Contract Management & Compliance

Visual Lease offers a centralized system for managing all your lease contracts and regulatory documents. With our intuitive platform, tracking compliance across different jurisdictions becomes effortless. The platform facilitates quick access to essential documents, making litigation processes and M&A activities more manageable and less time-consuming. We understand the importance of keeping your organization legally protected and compliant, and Visual Lease is designed to support these critical functions.

See it in Action
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Large Technology Company
$210K lost
Tenant was not aware that tax abatement had not been reversed out of base year taxes.
Public Global Engineering Firm
$60K lost
Tenant didn’t realize landlord was required to turn over tax refunds.
3rd Largest Insurer in the US
$185K lost
Tenant didn’t realize landlord needed to offset operating expense increases against tax decreases.

Compliance Tracking

Stay on top of all compliance requirements with easy tracking and reporting capabilities.

Efficient Contract Management

Manage and access all your lease contracts in one centralized location, streamlining contract review and approval processes.

Litigation Support

Quickly retrieve necessary documents and data, providing robust support for any litigation processes.

M&A Preparedness

Facilitate due diligence and integration processes during mergers and acquisitions with organized and accessible lease data.

Regulatory Updates

Keep abreast of regulatory changes and ensure your lease portfolio is always in line with the latest legal requirements.

Risk Mitigation

Proactively identify and address potential legal risks within your lease portfolio, minimizing exposure to legal vulnerabilities.

Secure Document Storage

Ensure the safety and confidentiality of all legal documents with secure, cloud-based storage solutions.
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What our customers say about us

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“One of the features of Visual Lease we like best is the flexibility of the cloud-based environment. Being that it’s hosted in the cloud, we are reliant on their SOC control processes, and that gives us that assurance that we have comfort in the security of our data.”

- Jon Hunke, TVP of Accounting & Information Technology at EVERUS Construction

ASC 842 Legal Implications: What Lawyers Must Know About Lease Accounting

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