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Press Release: Visual Lease Revolutionizes Real Estate CAM and OpEx Expense Management

By March 12, 2015Press Releases

Woodbridge, NJ – March 12, 2015 – Today, Visual Lease is announcing a fundamentally new approach for processing real estate Operating Expense, Tax and Common Area Maintenance (CAM) Invoices and Reconciliations. With its new Desktop Audit Manager module, corporations can automatically identify erroneous billings and avoid overcharges.

Companies face a daunting challenge when it comes to managing real estate lease-related expenses. Because every lease is individually negotiated and has unique terms, when tenants receive bills for these expenses, it takes considerable time to determine if the charges are valid. Given that these charges can amount to up to half of a company’s real estate spend, they must be closely monitored. With Visual Lease’s new Desktop Audit Manager, when a building expense statement, reconciliation statement or landlord invoice is recorded, the system analyzes the charges and approves or rejects them based on the terms of that particular lease. This substantially reduces the effort required to validate them, and greatly reduces the incidence of errors and overpayments.

“We are excited to extend our service offering through this new innovative module,” said Managing Director of Visual Lease. “We can now do more for our customers by helping them identify billing errors before they are paid. This module helps keep Visual Lease at the forefront of the lease administration software market.”

Marc Betesh, President and CEO of Visual Lease and KBA Lease Services added, “The automatic discovery of overcharges identified by the Desktop Audit Manager system enables users to quickly reduce occupancy expenses and create positive returns. It is kind of like turning a crank and having the system generate money.”

The Desktop Audit Manager will be delivered to customers as part of its Enterprise Edition service offering. Visual Lease is now scheduling demonstrations. For more information or to schedule a demo, go to or call us at 888-876-6500.

About Visual Lease

Visual Lease’s mission is to facilitate efficient administration and exact compliance of real estate obligations through world-class software and customer service. We are committed to being real estate experts by staying in front of industry and technology trends while continually refining our products and services. The values driving us are excellence, diversity, dedication and passion.

Visual Lease was founded by the principals of KBA Lease Services in 1995. Since its inception, Visual Lease has served businesses with portfolios of leases ranging from 15 to over 6,000. Our tagline, “Lease Software by Lease Professionals” is a source of pride based on our industry-leading expertise in commercial real estate and lease administration. No other company offers Visual Lease’s breadth of experience.

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