Visual Lease 15.2 – Supercharge your Project Management

Clearer Feature Names

  • Find Lease page has been renamed to “Lease List”
  • Saved Lease Searches have been renamed to “Lease Filters”
  • Portfolio reports have been renamed to “Ad Hoc Reports”
  • Find Portfolio page has been renamed to “Ad Hoc Report List”
  • Find Project page has been renamed to “Project List”

Project Management Enhancements

  • We have added Allocation fields to track: Seats, Floorplan URL and Comments


  • You can now specify dependencies between tasks for improved workflow
  • Tasks can now be marked as Completion tasks or Approval tasks for improved workflow
  • Tasks now include additional status options such as Overdue, Future, Approved and Rejected
  • Enhanced notification system sends emails to Responsible Parties whenever their tasks change status and can optionally send emails to the PM whenever tasks, notes or documents are changed on their project
  • Individual tasks can now have Documents uploaded to them, viewable through the task or through the Project Documents tab
  • Tasks can be configured to require that documents are uploaded before they can be Approved or Completed for improved workflow
  • Tasks can now have Notes entered on them, viewable through the task or through the Project Notes tab
  • Tasks are now secured so they can only be edited by PM and only updated by PM or Responsible Parties
  • Only the PM can change high level project details once the project is in an Active status
  • Projects can now only be created in Pending or Template status, until the PM starts the project and moves it to Active status
  • Task Original Planned dates are automatically set with the Planned Dates when the PM kicks off the project
  • Task Actual dates are automatically set when dependent tasks are completed
  • New Lease Tasks tab shows filtered list of any related project tasks

Financial Payment Tracking Enhancements

  • Payments can now be entered without being directly tied to a previously existing financial entry
  • Payments now track running balance back to a specified date in time, independent of the date range filter

Improved Password Management

  • Password length and strength are now configurable by the Administrator
  • Passwords can now be forced to be changed after X number of days by the Administrator
  • The change password screen now displays password strength to assist users in setting their passwords

Improved Mapping

  • New full screen lease map page allows one or more groups of leases (based upon Saved Filters) to be viewed at the same time
  • Administrators can now upload custom icons for each Saved Filter to be displayed on the lease map
  • Full screen lease map now allows map to be viewed in multiple sizes
  • Lease Dashboard map updated to include all functionality of the new full screen lease map
  • Users can now specify multiple groupings of leases (based upon Saved Filters) to be specified as their default through Account Settings
  • Lease maps now allow users to set their default map center and zoom level through Account Settings

Reporting Enhancements

  • Ad Hoc Report enhancements include additional Table Data Fields including Financial Entries, Increases and Transactions. Additionally, any financials in Ad Hoc Reports can now be filtered by whether they are applied to the AP Feed.
  • New Standard Reports including:
    • Payments Activity Report: Outputs a PDF summary of all financial transactions broken down by lease and vendor
    • Financials standard report shows a detailed list of Entries, Increases and/or Transactions for selected leases
  • Standard Report enhancements:
    • Financial Variance standard report now includes additional filters and options
    • Payments standard report updated to better match the layout of the updated Payments page
    • Invoice standard report updated to better match the information tracked by the updated Payments page
    • Project Notes standard report now optionally includes task notes

Administrator Enhancements

  • New Users now automatically have a contact record created in the Contacts module
  • Multi-database Administrators can now copy users from one of their databases to additional databases that they have Administrator rights to
  • New Payments Running Balance Date field can now be specified at the database level through Administrator

Additional Enhancements

  • Account Settings Enhancements:
    • Users can now use Account Settings to specify which screen should be the landing page when logging in to Visual Lease
    • Users can use Account Settings to specify a Lease Financial sub-tab as a default when navigating to lease financials on any lease record
  • Lease List (previously Lease Find) now allows leases to be opened in a popup or separate browser tab, to prevent the user from losing the Lease List they are using while examining individual leases
  • New optional warning will trigger when a lease with a future expiration date is marked as Expired, to prevent erroneous or pre-mature lease status updates
  • Lease General screen now optionally displays the parent organization(s) for that lease
  • Added better tracking of “Lease Created By” and “Last Modified By” fields, and made these fields available on Ad Hoc Reports
  • Added a new Clause Type called “Single Select Checklist,” allowing you to build a clause with a checklist requiring that you choose only one of the options
  • Lease Alerts enhancements:
    • Lease Alerts setup to be sent on a specific date (rather than a date interval) no longer shows that date as a critical date, as they are not based on a critical date
    • Lease Alerts can now optionally include the database name in the email subject
  • Lease General Import template now includes Site Number and Building Number fields
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