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Transforming Lease Management for Global Operations: A Journey with Visual Lease

Managing a complex lease portfolio across real estate and equipment in global business operations presents significant challenges. Today, we dive into an insightful transformation journey spearheaded by the Director of Real Estate and Business Continuity at a leading conglomerate, encompassing Toshiba America Business Solutions and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. This conglomerate, part of one of the world’s most extensive networks, has successfully transitioned from disparate systems to a streamlined lease management process using Visual Lease.

Before the adoption of Visual Lease, the organization faced sustainability issues in lease management, compounded by new accounting compliance standards. The Director’s team, responsible for overseeing approximately 150 real estate leases and an additional 1400 equipment and vehicle leases, found an innovative solution in Visual Lease, marking a significant shift in how they managed their global lease portfolio.

The Challenges of Pre-Visual Lease Management

The lease management process was quite a hassle, relying on Excel spreadsheets and Lotus Notes as a makeshift electronic filing system. This method proved inefficient, especially with a lean team focusing on lease negotiations and strategic business needs. Searching for a more robust system led to exploring various platforms. Visual Lease stood out for its user-friendly and intuitive interface, simplifying lease abstraction and management tasks.

Visual Lease: A Catalyst for Efficiency and Collaboration

Adopting Visual Lease transformed the lease management process, empowering the team with tools to abstract leases efficiently, even with a lean staff. The platform’s ability to grant read-only access to stakeholders significantly reduced the overload of queries, enabling the team to focus on critical tasks. This accessibility and ease of use made Visual Lease an indispensable tool for the organization.

“One of our most important things that we can do is to provide good, reliable information in a timely manner to our decision-makers. Honestly, I believe that Visual Lease helps us do that, and it’s really been transformative, honestly, through my career here,” shares the Director, underscoring the pivotal role of Visual Lease in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making.

Navigating Lease Accounting and ESG Reporting with Visual Lease

The transition to Visual Lease streamlined lease management and positioned the organization to adapt seamlessly to evolving lease accounting standards. The collaboration between the real estate and finance teams has been exemplary, ensuring data integrity and compliance with financial reporting requirements. Furthermore, as sustainability and ESG reporting become increasingly critical, Visual Lease’s potential role in supporting environmental and sustainability goals highlights its value beyond lease management.

A Future-Ready Approach to Lease Management

Visual Lease has become an integral part of Toshiba America Business Solutions daily operations, significantly impacting the organization’s ability to effectively manage a vast and complex lease portfolio. The Director’s participation in Visual Lease’s Customer Advisory Board reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centric development, ensuring that the platform remains at the forefront of addressing the dynamic needs of global lease management.
The journey with Visual Lease illustrates a transformative shift from fragmented and manual lease management practices to a streamlined, efficient, and collaborative approach. As organizations navigate the complexities of global lease portfolios, accounting standards, and sustainability reporting, Visual Lease emerges as a critical partner in fostering operational excellence and strategic decision-making.

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