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By October 3, 2023Uncategorized

American Axle & Manufacturing

Managing a global lease portfolio with tight controls using Visual Lease.

American Axle, one of the world’s leading global automotive and mobility suppliers, uses VL to handle a vast portfolio that includes 85 manufacturing and engineering sites in 18 different countries, as well over 1,000 other records like production equipment, fleet and IT leases.

“[Implementing Visual Lease] has helped us drive more controls around the entire process as a company. We are constantly testing our framework to ensure it’s operating effectively and updating it when the Visual Lease software adds more features, like the approvals module.”


Adrianne Ault
Director of Treasury and Capital Markets at American Axle & Manufacturing


With VL they:

Moved from decentralized spreadsheets to one portfolio system of record.

Installed financial and operational controls throughout their organization, including VL processes and automation, that helped them reduce audit deficiencies by 85%.

Saved time and money by using VL reporting to find areas where they aren’t leasing efficiently.

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