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Organizational Structures In CRE

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How do you organize your CRE department? The structure of the CRE organization should directly correspond to key processes such as leasing, construction, design and facilities management. Organizational structure varies by the size of the real estate portfolio, the type of industry, the level of outsourcing and the geographic dispersion of the real estate portfolio.

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Process Management: A Central Component of CRE Success

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Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of corporate real estate management is the subject of process management and the software that supports it. Process management is a major subject in the topic of quality management. It has been a topic that has dominated management subjects for decades. Most software applications have specific functionality that addresses process management; particularly around work flow.

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Bell’s Blog in Perspective; Ideas for Future Topics

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As we enter our third year of Bell’s Blog, I thought it would be helpful to step back from blog content and reflect on what topics should be explored in the months ahead. In this vein, I invite readers to propose topics that haven’t been covered. As a reminder, the purpose of Bell’s Blog is to cover topics that are related to the management of corporate real estate. In some sense, I’ve structured the blog as a set of tutorials for the aspiring CRE manager or executive. It’s written as a management guide for a manager or professional who is relatively new to the CRE field. Having been at all levels of the corporate real estate profession (including leasing manager, project manager, technology manager, department head, consultant and corporate executive), I base the blog content on nearly 30 years of experience. Also with 10 years as a Gartner analyst, focused on CRE technology and data center topics, I bring information technology knowledge to the blog.

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Searching for the “Vireos”

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In the latest issue of the LEADER, the official publication of CoreNet, two of my former colleagues, Mike Joroff and Frank Becker, co-authored an article entitled, “Exploit Change and Uncertainty to Drive Corporate Value.” Becker and Joroff collaborated with me on several projects, including Office 88 (Becker-1983) and the Agile Workplace (Joroff- 2003) The authors make the case that many of the assumptions about the office, technology, and work need to be updated and revised to reflect the new trends visible in the global workplace.

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