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Press release: Visual Lease launches integrations hub, provides customers with powerful, flexible & open access to lease data

By December 9, 2020Press Releases

Innovative product enhancement makes it faster, easier and more scalable for companies to activate their system integrations 

Woodbridge, NJ – December 9, 2020 — Visual Lease, the leader in lease accounting and management software, today announced the launch of its Integrations Hub, offering flexible, open platform access to third-party applications. The company unveiled its comprehensive product capabilities during a virtual launch event on December 8th. 

The Visual Lease Integrations Hub enables users to automate the exchange of data across ERPs, Business Intelligence (BI) tools and other systems of record to streamline the delivery critical, time-sensitive business insights. The solution also empowers developers, providing open access to powerful, pre-built system connections and a dashboard to monitor integration performance in real time.  

The Integrations Hub includes: 

Integrations Dashboard 

  • Real-time visual data feeds that provide system administrators and developers with the ability to monitor potential issues and catch and correct them proactively, ensuring data integrity and end-user efficiency 

Managed File Transfers  

  • System administrators can easily set up automated import and export processes with an Outlook-like scheduling tool 
  • Users can achieve end-to-end compliance by getting the complete import/export history with supporting file documentation, providing a complete audit trail 

API Developer Portal 

  • Developers can quickly gain access to the tools and information they need to explore, test and consume APIs 
  • Includes a library of pre-built REST APIs that enable real-time connection of lease data with ERPs and other critical systems 

“Visual Lease has developed innovative, next-generation integration capabilities that will redefine the way companies use lease information to make business decisions. Leases contain critical, complex information. With the right solution, companies can leverage information about their leased properties and equipment to unlock financial opportunities,” said Martin Murtland, VP of Product at Visual Lease“We recognize there is no one-size-fits-all use of lease information, so the Integrations Hub was designed to provide options for accountants, lease administrators and developers that are the best fit for their unique business needs.” 

Visual Lease customer and leading real estate services company, Newmarkshared its experience using the Integrations Hub to connect lease data to its Business Intelligence tool, NavigatorCRE. Visual Lease’s powerful integration capabilities made it possible for us to easily overlay key lease information with other relevant portfolio data. Having dynamic lease data accurately displayed alongside Occupancy, Operations, and Capital Projects KPIs allows us to help our clients make data-driven portfolio decisions,” stated Carla Hinson, Executive Managing Director, Global Technology at Newmark, during the virtual launch event. 

Most companies lack the necessary visibility into their leases to understand their obligations and options to make agile decisions as their businesses grow – or need to respond to unforeseen circumstances,” said Marc Betesh, Founder and CEO of Visual Lease. “Visual Lease is redefining the lease software industry – and removing data silos across operations, real estate and accounting teams.” 

For more information on the Visual Lease Integrations Hub, you can view the recording of the 12/8 live launch event here. 

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