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Press release: Visual Lease introduces GASB 87 Complete

Provides a proven and fully supported path to achieve lease accounting compliance with GASB 87 in 50 business days or less

Woodbridge, NJ – July 12, 2021 Visual Lease,  provider of the #1 lease optimization software, today announced GASB 87 Complete, a full end-to-end lease accounting solution for state and local governments and other public sector entities. GASB 87 Complete provides entities with Visual Lease’s industry-leading lease accounting and management software combined with all-inclusive, multi-tiered customer training and support. With GASB 87 Complete, entities can utilize a robust, fully implemented system in 50 business days or less, without any hidden fees.

“For government and public entities, there is simply no time to waste regarding GASB 87,” said Joe Fitzgerald, SVP of Market Strategy at Visual Lease. “How they manage their lease data and their capacity to produce accurate journal entries will directly impact their ability to meet the standard. Our software and team of experts will get them on a proven path to achieve and maintain compliance – quickly.”

GASB 87 Complete package users will benefit from:

  • Industry-leading lease administration capabilities to easily manage critical dates, monitor obligations and track data across their entire lease portfolio.
  • Full lease accounting functionality to automatically generate audit-ready journal entries, disclosures and reports.
  • Unlimited cross-functional users, all of whom can fully interact with lease data in one centralized system, fueling their ability to reinforce internal processes and create efficiencies.
  • Unparalleled support from experienced, dedicated implementation and account managers and ongoing customer support representatives to maximize the value and use of the platform.

“Our solution is informed by more than 35 years of experience managing lease financials,” said founder and CEO, Marc Betesh. “We’ve facilitated hundreds of successful implementations. Our in-house team of experts deeply understand – and even helped structure – the new lease accounting standards. We know what it takes to achieve and maintain compliance, and we’re a trusted partner to countless organizations. Our GASB 87 Complete package is a unique solution that incorporates everything needed by public sector entities.”

To learn more about Visual Lease’s GASB 87 Complete package, visit here.

About Visual Lease

Visual Lease is the provider of the #1 lease optimization software for managing, analyzing, streamlining and reporting on lease portfolios. Developed by industry-leading lease professionals and CPAs, it combines GAAP, IFRS and GASB-compliant lease accounting controls with easy, flexible and automated lease management processes. More than 700 of the world’s largest publicly traded and privately-owned corporations rely on Visual Lease to control their lease portfolios, integrate with their existing business systems and maintain regulatory compliance. Committed to ongoing innovation and unparalleled customer service, Visual Lease helps organizations transform their lease compliance requirements into financial opportunities. For more information, visit 

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