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Pioneering Real Estate Data Standards and ESG Reporting

In the rapidly evolving landscape of real estate and lease management, the convergence of data standards and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations marks a pivotal era of transformation. We embark on a deep dive into these themes through the lens of industry leaders, Ian Cameron from OSCRE International, a beacon in the real estate data standards domain, and Bill Harter, Principal Solutions Advisor at Visual Lease.

Shaping the Future with Data Standards

OSCRE International, a non-profit dedicated to developing and implementing real estate data standards, plays a crucial role in facilitating digital transformation across the industry. With a focus on enhancing data strategy and management, OSCRE’s Industry Data Model spans leasing, space management, and, crucially, environmental data management. This broad and diverse model is designed around implementable use cases, such as lease data exchange, ensuring practical application in the real world.

“Our collaboration with industry leaders, including Visual Lease, is vital in developing standards that truly meet the industry’s needs,” shares Ian Cameron, Chief Innovation Officer at OSCRE. “By focusing on areas like energy data standardization, we’re addressing the immediate and future challenges organizations face in managing and reporting environmental data.”

Visual Lease and OSCRE: Collaborating on ESG

Visual Lease’s involvement in OSCRE’s initiatives, particularly around ESG, underlines our commitment to addressing the nuanced demands of lease management in the context of sustainability. As part of OSCRE’s Data Standards Committee, Bill Harter contributes insights and drives conversations on how best to integrate and implement these crucial standards within our solutions, including our newest product offering, VL ESG Steward.

“Working with OSCRE has been invaluable in enhancing our approach to data standardization and ESG,” notes Bill Harter. “This collaboration not only enriches our understanding but also ensures that our products, like VL ESG Steward, are equipped to provide actionable intelligence for companies looking to improve their operations and reduce their environmental impact.”

Beyond Compliance: The Vision for ESG Stewardship

The journey towards comprehensive ESG reporting is more than a compliance exercise; it’s about equipping organizations with the data they need to make informed decisions that benefit their bottom line and the planet. By integrating OSCRE’s standards and leveraging diverse industry perspectives, VL ESG Steward is designed to offer more than mere compliance. It aims to deliver actionable insights, enabling companies to track and analyze a wide range of ESG-related data and metrics effectively.

“The real goal of ESG stewardship is to provide companies with the tools they need to make a real difference,” explains Bill Harter. “As we look to the future, understanding the broader implications of ESG data, from energy management to water usage and beyond, will be key to driving meaningful change.”

A Unified Front for Data and ESG Standards

As Visual Lease continues collaborating with Ian Cameron, Bill Harter, and other industry leaders, our collective efforts are setting the stage for a new era of data-driven decision-making and sustainability in real estate lease management. Through initiatives like the Energy Standards Data project and beyond, we respond to current trends and anticipate our industry’s future needs, ensuring our clients are always one step ahead.

“In the realm of ESG and data standardization, collaboration is not just beneficial; it’s essential,” states Bill Harter. “Together, we are not only shaping the standards that will define our industry’s future but also ensuring that organizations have the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly complex world.”

At Visual Lease, we empower organizations to navigate these changes, leveraging our SaaS solutions to provide strategic, financial, and operational outcomes from their leased portfolios. As we move forward, integrating robust data standards and a deep commitment to ESG considerations will continue to be at the heart of Visual Lease’s work. By fostering collaboration and innovation, VL helps organizations navigate today’s challenges and build a more sustainable and efficient future.

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