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Lease Management: Unlocking ROI Opportunities within Your Lease Portfolio

On-demand webinar summary

Lease management is integral to achieve and maintain lease accounting compliance. But that’s not the only opportunity it presents.  

In fact, 100% of recently surveyed senior finance and accounting professionals acknowledge that lease management, which is required to sustain accounting compliance, comes with real business benefits. But how do you identify – and benefit from – your lease information? 

In our recent webinar, Lease Management: Unlocking ROI Opportunities within Your Lease Portfolio, experts in lease optimization and real estate shared: 

  • An overview of the lease management landscape
  • The impact of integrated lease management (reduced risk, reduced costs)
  • How to increase ROI from centralized lease data 

To learn more, read the summary below or view the on-demand webinar. 

Leases are incredibly expensive – and undermanaged by organizations

Did you know that businesses often lack financial controls for their lease portfolio-related expenses, despite leases’ high cost and liability? This lack of control can put your organization at risk of losing a lot of time and money. 

This is why lease management is important. Lease management enables you to: 

  • Reduce risk
    • Gain visibility into rights and obligations
    • Limit exposure to indemnification and other serious obligations
    • Control exposure to loss not covered by insurance required by the lease
    • Eliminate confusion and wasted time over repair and maintenance responsibility
    • Avoid damage to landlord-tenant relationship over misunderstood rights and obligations 
  • Reduce costs
    • Avoid overpayments by knowing what your leases say
      • Monitor OpEx, CAM, RE tax, utilities, sundry charges, supplemental services
    • Avoid missing the right to correct errors by managing audit windows
    • Take advantage of market opportunities by allowing cross-functional access to lease data
    • Secure proactive, effective and responsive use of your leased assets

Lease management is two-fold

A reliable lease management process consists of two things: 

  • Using dedicated technology to centralize and organize lease data 
    • Create a single source of truth by using a robust lease management system
  • Working with dedicated professionals to evaluate your lease portfolio 
    • Engage a third-party partner to guide or handle leases

“It’s so important to have your leases organized. Having our leases all in one place has been a tremendous time-saver for us at Gartner,” said Tiffany Martin, Real Estate Analyst at Gartner. 


For more information about lease management, view the on-demand webinar: Lease Management: Unlocking ROI Opportunities within Your Lease Portfolio. 

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