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Exciting Announcement: VL’s First Chief Customer Officer

It’s been a pivotal year for Visual Lease. Over the past several months, we welcomed Robert Michlewicz as our new CEO, Amie Durr as SVP of Product and continue to experience accelerated growth in our customer, partner and employee base.

And while there are many factors that have contributed to our growth, we continue to have one consistent priority: our customers. I am honored and excited to take on the role of Chief Customer Officer to ensure our customers get the greatest value from their partnership with Visual Lease.

VL’s foundation.

In our 25+ years of business, we’ve maintained a customer-centric mindset and approach. The VL team shares a deep passion for discovering our customers’ goals and challenges and works hard to shape our platform, services and partnerships to make their jobs easier. In fact, Visual Lease was originally created by our founder, Marc Betesh, after directly observing how organizations struggled to centralize and control their lease portfolios, and how it impacted their businesses.

VL’s commitment.

We have a customer base of more than 1,000 public, private and government organizations that is rapidly growing. This newly created office of the Chief Customer Officer will ensure that our customers continue to receive a high level of focus and get even greater value from Visual Lease. We will actively listen to their challenges and how market changes impact them. We will connect them to each other, so they can learn and collaborate. We will introduce them to additional ways our solutions, services and partnerships can benefit them. We will continue to use their perspectives and insights to shape our roadmap for the future.

So, while 2022 has been a tremendous year for VL and our community of customers and partners, we know that there are new milestones and heights ahead that we’ll reach together!

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