Accurate & secure data for lease accounting

The new FASB standard brings lease accounting and real estate expense data together in whole new ways. Visual Lease’s fully compliant FASB module provides the tools required for effective lease expense tracking and reporting — allowing accounting and real estate to share data while maintaining tight internal controls.

So, both teams can use Visual Lease to do what they need to do, with seamless yet separate controls and a single, trusted repository of data.

A single place for the data both teams need

Visual Lease combines world-class lease administration and accounting technology to create a solution that balances the needs of accounting and real estate teams. In fact, our solution is recommended by the “Big 4” global accounting firms and real estate consulting firms including JLL.

With Visual Lease bringing everything together in one trusted system, you can be sure all the data is in one place, secure, and accurate. That means no more checking multiple sources to gather or update when you need lease data. And, Visual Lease tracks and reports on all types of leases — not only real estate, but also vehicles, land, technology, office equipment, and other assets.

Simplified data migration & management

Visual Lease is an end-to-end solution that integrates data from virtually any source — spreadsheets, documents, or existing systems. Our data migration engine simplifies and speeds the process; we also offer Excel templates for collecting and organizing data, and a wizard that walks you through the process of moving to FASB ASC 842 tracking and reporting. Our lease data experts can even work with you to abstract your PDF leases into relevant data points.

From there, Visual Lease provides tools for automatically doing calculations, reporting, creating journal entries, making payments, . . . handling whatever data management tasks you require.

Highly recommended

Visual Lease’s cloud-based solution is installed at more than 300 clients worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies, and is recommended by global real estate firms including JLL and MOHR. Accounting firm Grant Thornton has named Visual Lease the preferred solution for their clients, integrating directly with their LeaseX data repository.