We ensure a seamless, end-to-end implementation to help increase system adoption across your organization.

With Visual Lease’s expert implementation services, you will benefit from:

  • Initial set-up and configuration assistance,
  • Hands-on training, and
  • One-on-one technical consulting.

Our experienced team – made of an Implementation Manager and Expert Specialists – will guide you through everything you need during implementation, including: business analysis, deployment planning, and global roll out.

Regardless of your company size, global footprint, or industry, we are experienced in implementing our platform aligned to your lease accounting or lease administration business objectives.

Depending on your needs, you can select between our two Service Plans, which include the following:

Lease Admin Platform
(Basic Service Plan)

  • Provisioning of Visual Admin Platform, to cover:
    • Payments, financials, allocations, notes, options, clause management, critical date management
  • User Security Configuration
    • Activate standard security groups
    • Configure up to 5 custom user security groups
    • Single Sign On (SSO) configuration
  • Configuration of Lease Admin Table, including:
    • Configure up to 20 custom fields
    • Hide any unused standard fields
  • Enable Reporting Access, limited to:
    • Ad hoc report builder
    • Lease Reporting Library
  • Configuration of the Standard ERP Export
  • Configuration of Settings & System Alerts
  • Enable Document Storage
  • Data Migration
    • Via Standard VL Import Templates (populated by Company, not VL)
  • Access to Visual Lease University

Enterprise Lease Accounting
(Enterprise Service Plan)

  • Activation and Configuration of Financial Accounting Calculations – FASB/IASB
    • New & transition calculations
    • Re-measurement calculations
    • Disclosure statements
    • Journal entries
  • Financial Category Setup
    • Provision standard financial categories
    • Configuration of up to 10 custom financial categories
    • Detailed financial category setup
      • Accounting inclusion status
      • Granular GL mapping
    • Configuration of the Standard ERP Export
    • CAM Module
      • Define lease level expense rules
      • Base year
      • Multiple expense stop/Cap scenarios
      • Excluded expenses
      • Expense review flags
    • Data Migration
      • Via Standard VL Import Templates (populated by Company, not VL)
    • Access to Visual Lease University

VL Best Practices Implementation Package – Additional Terms for Implementation

Applicability: These Services Terms are subject to change; however, the terms existing as of the date of Customer’s executed Subscription License Agreement (the “Agreement”) are valid for and apply to the implementation package set forth in such Agreement. VL Implementation Services provide general guidance and consulting for the services listed under each Implementation Package. The Implementation Package descriptions define the scope of work VLC is to perform related to the implementation of Visual Lease (the “Project”) and are provided as a guideline for a typical implementation and are not a guarantee that all such listed services will be required or perfomed.  While VLC will use commercially reasonable efforts to implement the individual services listed in each package description, the performance of any individual service shall be at VLC’s reasonable discretion. Company acknowledges that the Implementation Services are consulting in nature and not legal, accounting or other professional services. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Subscription License Agreement and these additional Servic Terms for Implementation, the terms of the Subscription License Agreement shall prevail.

Company Obligations for Success:  Timely and successful implementation of Visual Lease requires ongoing collaboration between VLC and Company.  Company acknowledges that it is responsible for certain key Project tasks, deliverables and timely reviews of implementation work to maintain any agreed to Project schedule.  If these obligations are not upheld, a change order to address the resulting scope and/or pricing changes may be required.

ResourcesCompany will assign resources to fulfill the following roles:

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Client Project Manager
  • Functional Lead and Business Subject Matter Experts
  • System Administrator


Participation in Project Meetings and Reviews:  Project meetings and reviews will be required throughout the implementation process.  Without adequate participation, the implementation will extend any agreed to Project timeline and may result in change orders.  The dates of these meetings will be determined as part of the Project planning in collaboration with Company.

Timely Review, Preparation and Completeness of Deliverables:  Any agreed to Project timeline requires Company to contribute to, review, and prepare deliverables within specific timeframes.  Delays in these activities can extend the Project timeline and may increase the Project cost.  The Project timeline and pricing assumes that Company will timely review all VLC deliverables pursuant to the approved Project plan.  Items required by the Company, but not included within the confines of the applicable package scope included in the Service Plan purchased by Company, will require the purchase of additional implementation consulting hours. If separately contracted for, any individualized online training seminars cancelled with less than 48 hours prior notice will be counted toward the hours scoped for the engagement. Onsite workshops and/or onsite consulting sessions cancelled with less than 5 business days notice will be counted toward the scope of the engagement. Any services that remain unused at the expiration of the Implemention period will be forfeited without refund.