Our software makes it easier to
manage leases across your business.

A comprehensive lease management solution

We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to stay on top of every moving part within your lease portfolio. That's why we created Visual Lease - a sophisticated software solution intuitively designed to address the biggest challenges for managing leased assets.

The Visual Lease Difference

Lease Accounting

Accurate lease accounting calculations and reports are a must-have. Our software is specifically designed to handle the complexities associated with ongoing accounting and financial reporting of leased assets.

Lease Administration

Achieve a more efficient day-to-day management of your lease portfolio. Our powerful software functionality allows you to easily view, track and update any leases quickly and easily.

Professional Services

Need help entering your lease data? Leverage our experienced in-house professional lease services team that will read, interpret and centralize data from existing lease documents into the platform.

Why Visual Lease

The only true lease management platform.

In addition to solving for complexities associated with lease accounting under ASC 842/IFRS 16/GASB 87, our software offers your organization the tools it needs to more strategically and efficiently manage leased assets overall. By capturing the hundreds of data points associated with each lease in your portfolio, Visual Lease allows you to easily find what you need, when you need it without having to track down physical documents or read through pages of a lease to find a specific contact or critical date.

A strong commitment to product innovation and ease-of-use.

Don’t add learning new software to your growing list of to-do’s. With our intuitively designed platform and hands-on implementation and training team, you can quickly get up to speed and benefit from the value of our robust and sophisticated solution right from the start.

An unwavering focus on customer success.

Beyond software, it is our goal to ensure your organization remains satisfied and receives a positive, personal customer experience. Across our business, our team of support representatives from implementation and customer success is committed to ensuring you achieve Day 1 compliance and Day 2 success.

An ongoing investment in product excellence.

With the guidance of a leadership team representing 3 decades of lease management experience, an exceptional group of lease professionals and accountants, and a strong team of developers, we’ve designed a sophisticated yet intuitive solution that we are proud to offer. We invest heavily in R&D so that we can sustain our position as the smartest choice when it comes to lease management software.

All the features you need, with the ease-of-use you want.

Accounting Compliance

Our strong functionality empowers you to meet requirements under ASC 842/IFRS 16/GASB 87.

Robust Reporting

Configure your own ad-hoc reports or choose from a library of over 100+ standard reports to see the data you want, when you want.

Seamless Integrations

Easily pull in and export your lease data where you need it, saving time, duplicative efforts and error associated with manual collection and entry.

Centralized, Searchable Platform

Capture and track hundreds of unique lease data elements for each lease in your portfolio.

Lease History

Every change made to a lease can be viewed within an audit log to ensure up-to-date information and data integrity.

Our software leads to compliance on Day 1 and ongoing success Day 2 and beyond.

See How it Works

Get an overview about the US GAAP standard for financial reporting of leased assets that all public sector and private sector companies must comply with.

International organizations are required to be compliant with IFRS 16. Learn more about the requirements and how IFRS 16 differs from ASC 842.

See how GASB 87 changes the way many publicly financed entities report leases on their balance sheets.