Take control of your lease portfolio with lease administration software.

Keeping track of your lease data shouldn't be stressful. With Visual Lease you can centralize and manage all your leased assets in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Key lease administration challenges, solved

Managing critical dates, monitoring obligations and tracking data across your company’s leases isn’t always simple. With Visual Lease, discover an easier way to manage your portfolio so you can breeze through new reporting requirements under ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87.

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Lease administration software designed to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Highly configurable

Track the data you need to support your company's unique processes and reporting requirements, regardless of asset type or industry. Visual Lease offers unlimited user-defined fields, customizable reporting and personalized dashboard views, in an out-of-the-box solution.

Save time

Tired of juggling multiple software platforms? By leveraging integrations with all major financial systems and point-solutions, Visual Lease gives all the data you need in one place to support automated recurring calculations.

Track changes easily

Always know what is going on within your lease portfolio. With Visual Lease's audit trail functionality, all changes can be easily traced back to know what updates were made and when in real-time.

Easy to navigate

You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Visual Lease. Our platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly so you can quickly find the information you need.

More than 700 companies worldwide trust Visual Lease to manage their lease portfolios.

Lease management, optimized

Save time and money with Visual Lease’s sophisticated yet intuitive lease administration and accounting software.

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Managing your lease portfolio made easy

Keep your payments in order

Visual Lease's robust financial management capabilities help ensure you pay only what you owe and collect what others owe you while maintaining an accurate view of all transactions at the individual lease-level or rolled-up by lessee, geography, lease type and more.

Manage contracts with confidence

Missing key dates within lease agreements can be costly. With Visual Lease, you can create custom alerts based on lease-critical dates and business requirements so you know when a lease requires your attention.

Digitize your portfolio

Visual Lease enables you to centralize all lease agreements in a single platform, allowing you to digitize critical dates, important contacts and key terms associated with even the most complex leases. This means you can easily search and view the information you need within seconds.

Generate reports on-demand

Visual Lease allows you to quickly run and pull the reports you need, the way you need to see them. Configure reports by lease type, geography, contract date and more.

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Lease administration software FAQs

Does lease administration software simplify how I access key lease data?

Yes. Lease administration software allows you to access specific lease details within one click, reducing your efforts to easily view key information within your leases.

Does lease administration software help manage my lease portfolio?

Yes. Using lease administration software helps you easily keep track of intricacies within your real estate, equipment, vehicle, and other leased assets, such as important dates, amendments, and financials.

Does lease administration software offer the ability to instantly run and view reports?

Yes. Any field or scenario can be reported on instantly within the system. Users can select between 100+ standard reports or create ad-hoc reports to view or download.

Are dedicated system administrators able to view system changes within the platform?

Yes, any changes to your data within the Visual Lease platform is traceable and can be viewed through our audit trail functionality.

Does lease administrative software help prepare an automated operating expense & CAM analysis?

Yes. Our lease administration platform’s Audit Manager helps to ensure charges are accurate and are in accordance with lease terms. By setting up business rules and thresholds, Visual Lease automatically can test landlord and vendor billings to identify non-conforming charges.