Integrate with Any Third-Party Application

Our extensive lease accounting functionality supports one-time and recurring integrations to any third-party application to suit your needs.

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Key Integration Data Points

Visual Lease offers the flexibility to easily integrate your lease data into third-party applications, such as:


Provide key lease data and financial calculations into your existing general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

General Ledger

Produce lease accounting schedules and calculations to feed to journal entries.

Accounts Payable

Leverage lease data points for outgoing vendor payments and critical dates.

Accounts Receivable

Streamline incoming, scheduled lease payments.

Business Intelligence

Utilize lease data to produce key performance data for business analysis.

Space Management

Integrate real estate lease data for insight into business analytics, such as cost per seat and department.

Work Order Management System

Streamline actions within facilities systems using key lease data points.

Vendor Management System

Ensure all integrated systems work with a centralized list of approved vendors.

Benefits of Visual Lease Integrations

  • Configurable, scheduled integration options
  • Compliant journal entries
  • Synchronized payee contacts
  • Real-time access to business information
  • Cross-system synchronization of KPIs
  • Consistent, validated data across systems

We Support Integrations with...

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