Visual Lease for Lease Management and Lease Administration

Visual Lease is the only lease administration system that was developed by lease experts for their own use. It is easy to use, and manages all key financial, legal and operational aspects of your leases including critical dates, documents, financial components, options, maintenance obligations and more. Visual Lease provides you with automated alerts, views and reporting, telling you what your leases say, how much they cost and when they require attention. It incorporates advanced lease accounting functionality so that you stay compliant with ASC 842, IFRS 16 and other lease accounting standards.

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Whether your goal is portfolio management, forecasting, budgeting, compliance or auditing, Visual Lease enables you to see your data the way you want.  In addition to offering a library of highly configurable standard reports, our unique Vizualizations™ ad hoc reporting tool enables you to build any report, anytime, in less than 5 minutes.

With Vizualizations™ ad hoc reporting, your organization can:

  • Provide all stakeholders with visibility into critical information that drives the business
  • Enable quick, confident decisions that support strategic goals
  • Establish location strategies based on performance and real estate alternatives
  • Set goals and track actual performance by locations, business units, regions, or markets

Automated Operating Expense & CAM Analysis

How much money are you wasting every year by overpaying CAM and other lease-related operating expenses?  Visual Lease’s Audit Manager ensures that charges are accurate and are in accordance with lease terms.  By setting up business rules and thresholds, Visual Lease automatically can test landlord and vendor billings to identify non-conforming charges.

Completely Customizable At No Additional Cost

Visual Lease was built from the ground up to be completely configurable and industry agnostic.  You can set up unique fields, groupings and financial categories to match your industry and organization.  Once configured, you can search for and group leases any way you want.  Drag and drop organizations and regions around your org structure.  Create your own library of custom reports.  Visual Lease is as close to customized software as you can get without the custom price tag.

ASC 842 & IFRS 16 Compliant

Lease Accounting and Lease Administration Together in One System

To comply with the new lease accounting standards, many organizations are looking for ways to better manage their lease accounting practices. To meet the needs of both the accounting and the real estate teams, the lease administration and lease accounting applications must work closely together.

Visual Lease provides a lease administration and accounting solution together to ensure all parties are kept informed of decisions that impact them.


A Platform Configured Just for You

Regardless of your company industry, size or structure, our experienced implementation team is skilled in setting you up to meet industry best practices. We will guide you through every step of the process, offering specific trainings and support.

Right from the start, dedicated personnel will work with you to capture your specific project goals within a project plan. We will then configure the platform to reflect your unique processes and needs.

Never Miss a Deadline Again

Keeping track of every actionable date associated with your portfolio can be a logistical nightmare for your lease administration and accounts payable teams. Missing a critical date can cost your organization thousands if not millions of dollars. Visual Lease’s critical date alerts notify specified users or groups about upcoming payments, options, rent steps, CPI escalations, TI reimbursements, security deposit maturation and more. You can also configure Visual Lease to provide multiple layers of reminders so that you and your team never miss a notice!