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Designed to increase efficiency and productivity

Account for all your leases

Create a single subledger for every lease scenario including master leases, subleases, embedded leases across your portfolio of real estate or any other leased asset.  

Accurate, automated reports

Generate reliable ad-hoc or standard reports in one-clickincluding roll-forward, disclosure, financial variances, CAM/Opexcritical dates and hundreds more.  

Internal controls

Integrated approvals helps ensure every action is by the book, while our comprehensive audit trail tracks every change.  

Powerful third-party integrations

Seamlessly integrate your lease data and financial information with ERPs including general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules.  

Complete configurability

Take control of your lease data with flexible fields to set up the system any way you want – without the headache of customized software.   

Ongoing, dedicated support

From implementation to training and beyond, our team is built to provide you with unparalleled customer support.   

Turn lease accounting compliance into lease dominance

Don't take chances, take charge

Lease optimization:

Simply generate disclosures, journal entries, reports and footnotes to meet the lease accounting standards (ASC 842, IFRS 16, GASB 87).

Lease accounting:

Easily manage each modification and maintain accuracy as your leases - and regulatory requirements - evolve.

Centralize leases in a single subledger and unlock insights to optimize your portfolio and leverage leases as strategic assets.  

Lease administration:

We couldn't have made it to this point as efficiently as we did without Visual Lease guiding the ship.

Mike Sawicki, Director of Finance

Visuall Lease is a great, easy to use product with incredibly responsive customer support.

Luke Reider, Senior Accountant

Visual Lease is great. It is so user friendly - I love it!

Gabriel Harris, Real Estate Manager

Experience a better way to manage your leases

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Get compliant with ASC 842, IFRS 16 and GASB 87 and unlock value from every lease with the #1 optimization software

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During your demo you will learn how to:

Handle any asset or payment type, including real estate, equipment and more

Classify capital, operating, and embedded leases

Streamline work and automate notifications for accounting and other teams that manage and modify leases

Centralize your leases in a single system

Transition journal entries from ASC 840 / IAS 17 / GASB 13 to ASC 842 / IFRS 16 / GASB 87

Manage lease changes and subsequent remeasurements

Unlock insights with transparent standard reports

Take control of your lease data with configurable fields and customiable reports 

Surface critical dates, relevant terms and amortization schedules

Add new leases seamlessly

Integrate lease data into systems like an ERP, General Ledger, Reconciliation, Business