The tool for accurate variable expense management

For retailers with sales-based rent or corporations with royalty-based rent, percentage lease agreements and variable rent payments are a way of life — helping both lessees and lessors get through good times and not-so-good times. But without a doubt, percentage rent calculation can be a constant source of aggravation. Manual processes can cause errors in payments and are extremely time consuming, especially for businesses with hundreds of locations.

With Visual Lease, you can now eliminate those errors and hours of frustration in retail lease management.

Percentage rent made simple

Visual Lease lets you fully automate the percentage rent process — integrating with all your sales data, importing the data in bulk, accurately performing the calculations, and triggering payments in your AP system. And it provides a single place where you can see and report on all data related to percentage rent and other monthly financial obligations.

Full automation means time savings & improved accuracy

Visual Lease takes the worry out of percentage rent management — enabling you to proactively manage all payment calculations, financials, critical dates, transactions, and projects associated with your locations.

  • Interface with existing POS and accounting systems
  • Track exclusions and cap calculations
  • Manage multiple tiers of percentage rent payments based on earnings
  • Automatically generate sales reports for landlords
  • Seamlessly handle accruals and payments
  • Perform year-end reconciliations
  • Generate retail-centric reporting

Implementation tailored to your needs

An optional extension to the Retail Edition’s many advanced features, we recommend integrating our percentage rent management capabilities with your POS system and ERP, to minimize data handling errors, enhance your productivity, and deliver maximum efficiency.

We can implement the solution to create custom formulas for each lease to automatically calculate the correct percentage rent due each period. And with those calculations automatically included in your monthly lease accounting entries, there will be one less manual process you have to do — plus, it gets you ready for FASB and IFRS Day 2 right now.