Streamlining rent roll & expense management for lease administration

Visual Lease empowers you to maintain an up-to-date rent roll and ensure payments are made not just automatically but also accurately, including base rents, percentage rents, CAM, utilities, and other lease-related expenses.

Thanks to integration with a wide range of applications including the leading AP, accounting, expense, space management, and facilities management systems, our FASB and IFRS compliant solution is quick to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use.

Much more than GL/AP integration

Along with Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Power Plan, Workday, NetSuite, JD Edwards, and more than 50 other platforms, Visual Lease natively integrates with over 500 standard software applications. With over 700 APIs in the ecosystem, you can integrate your alerts and share data virtually anywhere you need to, from Microsoft Outlook email to Slack collaboration tools to SMS text notifications.

Working closely with your IT team, Visual Lease expertly integrates the solution to ensure compliance with all your security protocols, transport policies, and business rules. While our out-of-the-box integration requires little-to-no customization, we can easily configure the data for exactly how you want to see it, making ongoing data management intuitive and simple.

One data repository allowing seamless separation of controls

Whatever data you want to bring in or send out — even across different regions or business units — you can do it with Visual Lease:

  • AP and AR feeds
  • Facilities data (space, seats, head counts)
  • Facility work order expenses
  • Fixed asset data
  • Invoice data
  • Business unit allocations
  • And more!

For example, you can pull space allocations from your space management system to drive Visual Lease financials; or push key lease information into your work order system so that facilities management staff know who is responsible for repairs and other tasks.

Providing a single repository for all your lease expense data, Visual Lease eliminates duplicate data entry and provides for auditable controls. So, you can be sure the data is up to date while still providing seamless separation of controls between real estate accounting and lease administration functions.