Automated management of monthly lease costs and CAM charges

Are you a retailer with hundreds or even thousands of locations with CAM charges to manage — or perhaps a corporation that is getting overcharged by landlords on a regular basis? For many such organizations, auditing your monthly costs, such as CAM charges, is a valuable step in identifying mistakes that may be costing the business anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 of expense leakage every year.

However, manually reviewing every lease, every single month, is a task that is overwhelming and prone to error.

Visual Lease’s CAM audit capability helps to ensure you pay the proper amount of operating and CAM charges. It provides tools for managing all your CAM line items, automating the CAM audit process, and identifying areas where you can save some serious bucks.

The proactive solution for lease auditing

Visual Lease’s audit module is a comprehensive, proactive common area maintenance accounting solution that not only eliminates the need for manually auditing all your leases for CAM charges, but also makes it simple to identify mistakes that are costing you money.

Our CAM audit features ensure that landlord charges are accurate and in accordance with the lease terms, by empowering you to automatically:

  • Identify operating cost savings.
  • Track changes from year to year.
  • Reconcile statements and invoices, validate calculations, and manage billing disputes.
  • Identify leases that may require additional audit reviews.

CAM audit integration with other lease management tools

Visual Lease’s audit module and its CAM audit features incorporate proprietary intelligence from our sister company KBA Lease Services, the 30+ year pioneer of the lease auditing industry. KBA has helped to control the real estate costs of hundreds of companies nationwide in virtually every industry, and saved tens of millions since its founding.

Our CAM audit solution is fully integrated with our lease payment management module. Once business rules are set up for a lease, the financial entries for that lease are tested against those rules, quickly identifying charges that are not in conformance with the lease terms.

In addition, Visual Lease’s CAM audit integration with your AP system not only can automatically check invoices to make sure you are being billed the correct amount, but also can alert you when a different amount is billed — and it can even put a stop on the payment so that you can investigate before the invoice is paid and the money is out the door.

End-to-end expense and CAM auditing

Our CAM audit solution lets you:

  • Perform automated audits on all costs to ensure compliance with lease terms.
  • Track all reconciliation activity by facility/lease and by year, over the entire lifecycle of each location.
  • Determine percentages instantly for comparison of year-over-year charges.
  • Enter detailed landlord expense invoices for each property.
  • Track costs for all of your expense categories — CAM, tax, insurance, and more.
  • Enter annual landlord statements for each property.