The complete lease administration platform to manage your unique portfolio

Visual Lease’s cloud-based lease administration software is the turnkey solution used by over 300 organizations worldwide, including rapid-growth startups to Fortune 500 multinationals in financial services, energy, retail, health care, manufacturing/logistics, technology & more. Manage property, equipment, vehicles and other leased assets.

  • Manage a variety of lease structures including percentage rent, lessor/sublease accounting, re-measurement, sale-leaseback and more.
  • Get alerts so you never miss a key payment or option date.
  • Manage your real estate finances with expense tracking.
  • Store and easily access lease documents, photos, contracts & more.
  • Quickly generate key lease reports, from straight-line rent to CAM analysis.
  • Discover cost savings with CAM Desktop Audit.
  • Integrate lease administration and accounting with your existing AP system to streamline payment of bills.
  • Manage equipment, fleet and other leased assets in addition to property.

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Get critical date alerts

Keeping track of every actionable date associated with every property lease can be a logistical nightmare for your lease administration and accounts payables teams. Lift that burden off their shoulders with automatic and customizable alerts. Specified users or groups will be notified about upcoming dates for payments, options, rent steps, CPI escalations, TI reimbursements, security deposit maturation and more.


Manage lease projects

One of the biggest challenges for real estate managers can be handling a large, complex project such as selecting a new site, leasing a new building and managing the move. Being successful means keeping many interrelated tasks on schedule without letting anything fall through the cracks. Visual Lease’s Project Management Module streamlines lease administration project management, making it easy to optimize workflows and approvals and keep your eye on the critical path to ensure you meet deadlines.


Manage lease expenses

Whether you are a lessor or a lessee, keeping up with all the payments associated with property leases and ensuring the amounts are correct is a complex task. Visual Lease’s financial management integrates lease administration with your GL/AP system to handle accounts payable and receivables, including percentage rent calculations, CAM and OPEX payments.


Save money with Desktop CAM audits

How much money are you wasting every year by overpaying on CAM and other lease-related operating expenses? Visual Lease’s Audit Manager ensures that all charges are accurate and in accordance with lease terms. As part of the abstraction process, we set up business rules for each lease, then test every financial entry for the lease against those rules to identify non-conforming charges.


Calculate variable and percentage rent

For retail portfolios, lease payments often include some form of percentage rent. Visual Lease takes the work out of figuring out variable rent payments each month, by setting up formulas to automatically calculate accurate percentage rent values:

  • Overage rent
  • Percent in lieu
  • Sales exclusions
  • Recapture lease charges
  • Multiple breakpoints and rates

Comply with FASB lease accounting changes

Visual Lease provides FASB lease accounting capabilities for end-to-end lease administration in accordance with U.S GAAP. Our FASB Lease Accounting Module is compliant with both current and upcoming lease accounting standards (ASC 840 and ASC 842). Our complete platform allows Real Estate and Accounting to maintain a single source of truth for all lease data, automatically generating journal entries and disclosures on the balance sheet.


Prepare for the new IFRS lease accounting standard

For global organizations, Visual Lease provides a IASB-compliant lease accounting solution for both current and upcoming standards (IAS 17 and IFRS 16). Our platform serves as a central repository for all lease data, including native languages and currencies. Visual Lease automatically produces the required calculations and disclosures and seamlessly integrates with over 50 GL/ERP platforms (including multiple GLs).


Integrate lease administration with other systems

Visual Lease provides the ability to connect with and share lease administration and accounting data between hundreds of other systems including:

  • Accounting (GL/AP/ERP systems)
  • Space management
  • Facilities management
  • File management
  • Email and communication platforms

Get flexible lease reports and business intelligence

Visual Lease provides over 100 configurable lease administration reports in Excel, Word or Acrobat format, plus you can easily create custom ad hoc and drill-down reports with your own filters and formatting. Flexible dashboards give you instant, real-time snapshots of your leased portfolio to track performance against goals and drive better strategies and decisions.

  • View graphs and charts by region or property type.
  • See upcoming critical dates requiring action.
  • Drill down to see detailed reports.
  • View locations with links to lease records.