Ensure reporting compliance with the new standards on Day 1; Create flexible forecasts and reports on Day 2

When you make the switch to the new lease accounting standards, you want to be sure your FASB reporting and IFRS reporting is up to speed on Day 1. Visual Lease provides the tools to ensure compliance, with disclosure reporting that makes sense of your portfolio of lease reports and paints a clear picture of your company’s financial obligations.

Organize lease reports data into disclosure footnotes

With Visual Lease disclosure reporting, your lease reports data is quickly and easily organized in the correct format, revealing total expenses and lease liabilities as well as a complete breakdown of the finance lease and operating lease data over time, including:

  • Finance lease expenses such as amortization of ROU assets and interest on lease liabilities
  • Variable and short-term expenses
  • Operating lease expenses
  • Sublease income
  • Gains/Losses on sale-leaseback transactions
  • Operating and financing cash flows
  • ROU assets obtained in exchange for lease liabilities
  • Weighted-average remaining lease terms
  • Weighted-average discount rates
  • And more

Gain maximum visibility into forecasting and configurable reports

Visual Lease not only provides the lease reports you need for disclosure reporting compliance — it also allows you to empower your strategic finance counterparts with a range of Business Intelligence reporting, delivering clean lease reports, budgets, and forecasting along with other requirements.

In addition to more than 100 standard report combinations built into the system, Visual Lease provides fully configurable and custom reporting capabilities. So, you can take any data in the system and drag it into a report to easily create ad hoc analyses and BI dashboards designed to reveal performance at a glance. Configured to show you exactly what you need to see, your dashboards can include:

  • A portfolio summary in graph form, by upcoming expirations, size, and cost
  • Costs on a square foot or square meter basis
  • All recently opened items, including leases, reports, and projects
  • Graphs by organization, region, property type, and more
  • Graphs linked to reports you created using our ad-hoc reporting feature
  • A list of all renewal options, early terminations, expirations, rent bumps, and critical dates
  • Mapping of all lease locations, with color-coded icons that link to actual lease records
  • Tracking of performance against goals, by location, business unit, region, or market

With our flexible and comprehensive lease reports and BI dashboards, your entire organization is empowered to turn data into actionable insights that support strategic business goals.