Don’t stop at compliance — turn lease expense data into ROI!

You’re already invested in a significant project to comply with the latest lease accounting standards. Why stop there when you can shave thousands to millions off the cost of your leased assets?

Visual Lease is the FASB and IFRS compliant lease accounting solution that empowers you to do more with your lease expenses:

  • Track and stop overpayments to landlords and payees.
  • Use technology to detect expense leakage.
  • Automate manual CAM and expense audits across a large portfolio.
  • Connect with AP/ERP systems to exchange payment data.
  • Save up to 6% of overpayment on a lease.

Tracking virtually any expense

Visual Lease’s platform allows you to track both recurring and non-recurring lease expenses, enabling you to manage payments more proactively. It lets you track virtually any line item expense, including:

  • Rent
  • CAM
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Deposits & Allowances

Best of all, Visual Lease’s expense audit module allows you to automate more of the expense accounting process in order to identify areas where you can save money.

Combining proprietary knowledge & technology

Visual Lease’s expense audit feature takes what is normally a manual process carried out with a single huge, complex lease and deploys it to all your leases as needed. The solution uses proprietary intelligence from our sister company KBA Lease Services — the signature firm in lease auditing — and combines it with technology to:

  • Review hundreds of leases and thousands of expense items.
  • Identify line items and gaps where there may be opportunities to save.
  • Do it ALL automatically.