Managing critical dates, monitoring obligations and tracking data across your company’s leases isn’t always simple. With Visual Lease, discover an easier way to manage your portfolio.

Lease dashboard

View a summary of your lease portfolio, see all upcoming critical dates and visualize all lease locations on a map with color-coded icons that link to actual lease records.

Project management

Manage unlimited projects all in one place and link them to existing lease records, rather than searching through lengthy lease contracts.

Stay organized and audit-ready all year long.

Asset management

View and track key clauses, obligations and other lease information including master leases, subleases, lease options, critical dates and special scenarios in real estate, equipment, operating or any other leased asset.

Contact management

Track all contacts associated with every lease, including brokers, attorneys, property managers, architects, contractors and more with centralized contact management.

Document storage

Upload any pertinent lease and transaction documents into one location and/or link to your shared network drive or corporate Content Management System.


Ensure every action is by the book with integrated internal controls and approvals.


Proactively manage critical dates and never miss another renewal, expiration, rent increase, insurance deadline and more. Get automatically notified of each of these events, and configure the system to provide multiple layers of reminders.


Confidently host your lease data and financial information in Visual Lease’s reliable, secure SOC 1 Type 2 audited data center. This twice-yearly audit includes not only our policies and procedures, but our accounting calculations, so you can trust that your data is safe and accurate.

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