Don’t settle for a lease accounting solution that isn’t meeting all of your company’s needs. Make the switch.

In the 2018 rush to comply with the newly adopted ASC 842 and IFRS 16 requirements, many public companies chose lease accounting platforms that satisfied their short-term compliance needs — without appreciating how important it is to manage other aspects of their leases.   

As your contract renewal date approaches, it’s a good time to evaluate if your provider can fully support your business in the future.

  • Is your current platform flexible enough to handle the complexities of your business?
  • Does it help you simplify and optimize your lease portfolio?
  • Are you getting the right attention and the right answers from customer support?

After helping many clients switch systems, we have developed a number of processes and best practices that make the transition smooth and efficient.

Use this Lease Accounting Solution Transition™ (LAST) Planner to plan your switch to new software with adequate time to sync with your existing contract renewal date.   

Step 1: Please enter your existing vendor contract renewal date
Step 2: Select current provider