Choose from our library of comprehensive lease accounting report templates or configure your own with
our ad-hoc reporting engine.

Disclosure reporting

Automate the preparation of accurate, timely disclosure reports across your lease portfolio.

Roll-forward reporting

Get validation and transparency into all balance sheet activity over a specified period of time. View all lease activity with one click – and even separate finance and operating leases for ASC 842 compliance, automatically.

All included, never extra.

Embedded lease management

Separate the contract into its lease and non-lease components and allocate consideration to each.

CAM/OpEx auditing

Set up rules for your lease expenses, and audit them against invoices to track inappropriate charges and ensure you do not overpay for invoices or statements.

Third-party integrations

Integrate data into Visual Lease and export lease data into any system with secure managed file transfers and real-time APIs via the Integrations Hub.

Currency calculations

Manage unlimited currencies and convert to a single currency when running reports.

Lease configuration

Navigate complex arrangements involving lease modifications, subleases, sale-leaseback transactions, lease incentives and related-party leases.

Accounting and administration, streamlined

Centralize your lease financials into a single subledger across all asset types and lease scenarios, including master leases, embedded leases, subleases and more.

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