The only software named a Leader by G2 in both Lease Accounting and Lease Administration.

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The only software named a Leader by G2 in both Lease Accounting and Lease Administration.

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Why that matters

In lease accounting, journal entries and disclosures are the easy part.

The real work lies in achieving completeness, consistency and accuracy in your lease data. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say.

Maintaining the data and controls through Day 2 requires cross-functional collaboration.

At Visual Lease, we know that sustainable lease accounting starts with effective lease management.

For contracts as complex (and expensive) as leases, that requires a system that is flexible to your business’ needs, can keep up with lease changes and stay ahead of accounting regulations, so you don’t have to.


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What customers love about Visual Lease

Tools for every team

You don’t have to change the way you work to work together. Real estate, procurement and accounting teams each get purpose-built tools to work with their workflows, and it’s easy to set up alerts for outside teams that touch leases

Comprehensive configurability

Your software should work for you – not the other way around. Visual Lease is designed to be flexible to help you capture the nuances most important to you and set up your workflows your way.

Sustainable compliance through Day 2

Lease accounting compliance is not a one-and-done disclosure – it’s an ongoing process. We make it easy to manage contract changes and subsequent remeasurements, while maintaining controls across teams.

Flexible, robust reporting

One-click report templates with all the supporting data – no need for extra work to get the information you need. Or, build reports that pull in any field within the system – including custom fields.

Complete, always-accurate data

Maintain visibility, controls and data integrity across teams within a single source of truth for leases.

Expert support at no extra cost

Our world-class customer support team and white-glove implementation and service platform ensure your team is set up for success and supported all year long.

Calculations auditors trust

Our calculations are explained in every screen included in our annual SOC I Type II audit to save you time at audit.

A new category of software Lease Optimization

More than just compliance.

At Visual Lease, our mission is to transform compliance projects into financial
opportunities – and leases into strategic assets. And it works.

Lease errors are costly

Get the visibility needed to right-size your portfolio, avoid unnecessary costs and automate time-consuming processes.
See how we’ve helped more than 1,000 customers.

Overbilling by Lessors

Large Manufacturing Company

Visual Lease helped the tenant recognize they were being inaccurately billed for a surrendered property, which had previously cost them an additional $105K.

Tax Errors

3rd Largest Insurer in the US

This customer found $185K in tax errors when they realized the landlord needed to offset operating expense increases against tax decreases.

Missed Reimbursements

National Bank

Visual Lease helped this customer recognize that they were eligible for a $500K reimbursement from their landlord for improvements made to a property.

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