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GASB 87 & 96 Product Tour

Attend the demo to view key features including:


Comply with GASB 87 and 
GASB 96 guidelines  


Generate quick and accurate 
financial disclosure reports

Lease administration:

See all your contracts in one place 
(e.g. leases, SBITAs)

Solve major lease accounting challenges

Fully configurable

Capture and track the fields and data points that meet your organization's needs.

Intuitive user interface

Save time and efficiently navigate the information you need with our highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with many ERP systems, including general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules.

Instant reporting

Configure your own ad-hoc reports or choose from a library of over 100+ standard reports.

Comprehensive audit trail

Ensure you have full transparency into every input and change through Visual Lease’s audit trail functionality.

Automated calculations

Easily generate calculations, including transactions, new leases/SBITAs and reassessments.  

Experience a better way to manage your leases and SBITAs

Wednesdays at 1:30 PM ET

In just 20 minutes, see how our software sets up municipality and higher education organizations to achieve and maintain GASB 87 and GASB 96 compliance.

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“The best part to me is how easy [Visual Lease] is to use. Visual Lease is a very straight-forward platform. I’ve been involved in a lot of implementations, used a lot of different software, and just from the beginning, Visual Lease has been straightforward and easy.” 

Dominic Cromartie, Associate CFO