Retailers you can now eliminate errors and hours of frustration.

When you have retail percentage rent reporting requirements in your lease, Visual Lease has you covered.

For retailers, percent (turnover) rent calculations are difficult and can be a constant source of frustration.  Manual processes can cause errors in payments and are extremely time-consuming. With the Retail Edition of Visual Lease, you can proactively manage all the payment calculations, financials, critical dates, transactions, and projects associated with your stores.

  • Interface with existing POS and accounting systems
  • Track exclusions and cap calculations
  • Single location to see and report upon all data related to Percentage Rent and other monthly financial obligations.
  • Automatically generate Sales Reports for landlords
  • Seamlessly handles accruals and payments
  • Perform year-end reconciliations
  • Generate retail-centric reporting

An optional extension to the Retail Edition’s many advanced features, we recommend implementation integrations with your POS system as well as your ERP to minimize data handling errors and maximize your time.

retail formulas

Create custom formulas for each lease to automatically calculate the correct percentage rent due each period.