We live in a complex, connected world.
So does Visual Lease.

Visual Lease natively integrates with over 400 other applications, including ERP systems.

VL:Connect allows connectivity and data sharing between Visual Lease and other systems such as accounting, file management, email and many more.

Integration with your Accounting System

  • Connect to major accounting systems
  • Generate and send expense information on a monthly basis

Integration with your Space Management and FM Systems

  • Space Management systems:  Pull space allocations from your space management system to drive Visual Lease financials; push lease information to your space system so that space planners know the key terms of the applicable leases.
  • Facilities Management solutions:  Pull work order expense information into Visual Lease to manage your total cost of occupancy; push key lease information into your work order system so that FM staff know who is responsible for repairs and other tasks.

Integration with another 500+ apps

Connect to web services and apps together to share data and automate tedious tasks, including:

  • Phone, SMS and Email Notifications:  Get text notifications when information changes in Visual Lease.
  • Automatically create Notes:  Simply cc Visual Lease to automatically record your emails in the Notes section of your lease records
  • Automatically upload Documents:  Email documents directly to the Documents section of your lease records

These are just examples of applications that can be integrated using VL:Connect.  The possibilities are virtually endless.