Next Generation IWMS

Integrate Visual Lease with your Space Management tools for a IWMS 2.0 solution.

Integrate Visual Lease with your Space Management tools for a IWMS 2.0 solution.

By leveraging the latest cloud technologies, Visual Lease can provide a complete integrated workplace management solution (IWMS) at a fraction of the cost and resource commitment of the classical heavy IWMS solutions of the past.

Visual Lease’s VL:Connect integration platform has enabled us to usher in IWMS 2.0 as a complete real estate life-cycle solution that integrates best-in-breed Lease Management,  Space Management and Facilities Management solutions.  Through VL:Connect, you can have a complete view of your total cost of occupancy and the tools you need to positively impact those expenses.

Our expert systems integration team will do all the work, integrating the systems the way you and your IT team want.  Using the most modern techniques and tools from Silicon Valley, these integrations normally take less than a week to complete, and give you exactly the solution you are looking for.  Examples of such integrations include:

  • Visual Lease is the master for all portfolio location data and repository for all Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) data and analysis.
  • Your chosen CAFM / Facilities Management receives location data from Visual Lease and returns maintenance cost information for TCO analysis in Visual Lease.
  • Your chosen Space Management solution receives location data from Visual Lease and returns space allocation data for use in real-time financial allocations.
  • As the hub for all financials data, Visual Lease transmits all payable and receivable data

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