Visual Lease’s Desktop Audit Manager is a comprehensive, proactive lease desktop auditing tool.

camopex tool

It allows you to ensure that landlord charges are accurate and in accordance with lease terms. With this module, our enterprise customers can:

  • Identify operating expense savings
  • Track expense changes from year to year
  • Reconcile statements and invoices validate calculations and manage billing disputes
  • Identify leases that may require additional audit review

The Desktop Audit Manager was designed by our sister company KBA Lease Services, the signature firm in lease auditing. KBA has helped control the real estate costs of hundreds of companies nationwide in virtually every industry. Our Desktop Audit Module is 100% integrated into our Lease Financials Module. Once business rules are set up for a lease (done as part of the lease abstraction process), the financial entries for that lease are tested against those rules, quickly identifying charges that are not in conformance with the lease terms.

camopex rule status

Leverage the Desktop Audit feature in Visual Lease to ensure you only pay the proper amount of CAM and Operating expense.


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