When it comes to lease accounting and administration, no two organizations are exactly alike. However, Visual Lease has found many similarities across industries and how they structure and manage their lease portfolios and reporting requirements. Our experience will add ease while configuring your system, abstracting and migrating your data, integrating with your existing systems, performing FASB/IASB-compliant lease accounting calculations, and efficiently managing your lease portfolio.


Controlling costs and minimizing risk is imperative while competing in today’s rapidly changing global markets. Visual Lease is designed to take control of the expense and management of leased property and assets.

  • Centralize data while allocating across cost centers
  • Meet FASB and IFRS lease accounting standards
  • Reduce costs with expense audits
  • Make better decisions due to advanced analytics
  • Integrate with enterprise facilities and accounting systems

Retail & Food Services

Managing locations and expenses is the lifeblood of retail and food service organizations. Visual Lease increases operational efficiency of leased property, reduces risk, and optimizes your portfolio for maximum profitability.

  • Calculate percentage rent and other variable payment structure
  • Catch payment errors with CAM and expense audits
  • Get alerts about upcoming payments and lease option deadlines
  • Make better site selection decisions with advanced analytics
  • Integrate with AP/GL and facilities systems


Speed, agility and cost-effectiveness are the name of the game in the technology arena. Visual Lease provides the data, tools, and analytics you need to manage your lease portfolio and financial obligations.

  • Centralize data for all types of leases and allocate to business units
  • Manage co-working and other flexible property lease agreements
  • Eliminate overpayments with expense audits
  • Integrate with enterprise accounting systems and perform FASB and IFRS lease accounting calculations

Health Care & Life Sciences

Heath care organizations grow rapidly, often experiencing acquisitions, creating complex lease portfolios. Visual Lease helps many organizations manage complex lease management and accounting requirements, especially in this industry.

  • Manage specialized medical device leases
  • Centralize all lease data for organizational oversight and lease accounting purposes.
  • Control expenditures with CAM and expense audits.

Manufacturing & Logistics

For manufacturers, leasing worldwide warehouse and plant locations, construction equipment and manufacturing equipment is on the critical path to success. Visual Lease has the expertise and the flexibility to manage any lease for any type of asset, no matter where it’s located.

  • Optimize performance of leased assets with centralized access to data and analytics
  • Track and report on data in native languages and multiple currencies
  • Simplify lease accounting, especially transitioning to the new U.S. and international standards
  • Manage lessor accounting for sub-leased assets

Energy & Utilities

Unlike traditional corporations, energy and utility companies have leased fixed assets such oil pipelines, poles and wires, power plants and land leases. Visual Lease is flexible and customizable to handle all your unique leased assets.

  • Reduce CAM expenses with audits and alerts
  • Manage variable payments such as royalty rents
  • Share lease data with asset life-cycle management systems
  • Comply with all required regulatory and lease accounting standards

Government & Higher Education

Government agencies and universities have the same requirements and obligations as corporations, but with more complexity and oversight. Visual Lease can manage specific lease agreements, payment structures, accounting and regulatory compliance with the high level of security you require.

  • Track legacy land leases
  • Secure lease data with SSAE 18 SOC compliance
  • Rapid FASB compliance