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For more than three decades, KBA Lease Services has been reducing real estate occupancy costs. Permanently. By correcting ambiguous lease language and misinterpretations, we not only recover past overcharges, we reduce the trajectory of your costs, saving you money throughout your lease term. These ongoing reductions can be built into your future budgets for permanent, bottom-line savings. Lease services include:

  • Lease audit services to fix issues that arise from operating expenses and services contracts, base rent, space measurements, real estate taxes and electric and other utility charges
  • Accounting compliance preparedness assessments, data preparation and compliance analysis for changes to FASB, GASB and IFRS lease accounting standards
  • Lease advisory services such as negotiation assistance for OpEx and CAM language, base year review, lease interpretation, supplemental service contract reviews, real estate tax appeals and utility rate review and negotiation

For more than three decades, KBA has been recognized as the pioneering and signature firm in lease audit and advisory services. Loved by hundreds of major companies worldwide, we have helped control billions of dollars of real estate cost in virtually every industry. KBA can help to bring your leases back in line with their original financial projections, recover overpayments, ensure leases are in compliance, increase landlord diligence, improve internal controls and improve future leases.

Industries served include:

  • Financial and Banking
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Governmental
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Insurance
  • Media and Communications
  • Technology
  • Law and Consulting
  • Retail


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"What separates KBA from many other lease audit firms is that they also consider the underlying business terms and intent that existed as the lease was being negotiated. Also, they always have the best long term, as well as immediate, interests of the client as their highest priority."


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