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Develop Solutions Blue Sky is a leasing advisor that typically delivers 20% savings as a result of developing, implementing and managing equipment leasing strategies and programs for companies across the credit spectrum. Blue Sky’s proprietary tools and services cover a wide range of asset classes with access to the most cost-effective liquidity and outstanding financial flexibility.

What Financing Needs Can We Solve for You Today?

  • Leasing & Equipment Finance
  • Tax-exempt & Project Finance
  • Bank Loans & Credit Facilities
  • Early Growth Stage

Our team of seasoned professionals with financial, legal, tax, accounting, procurement and asset class expertise develop and implement financing strategies on behalf of a diversified customer base. We cover companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to middle market as well as nonprofits and municipalities. Senior management has over 100 years of collective leasing experience in both lessor and lessee roles, closing over $20 billion of diverse financing transactions. We have offices located in New York, Michigan, DC and Chicago.

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