Visual Lease Training: New Courses Start November 5!

Visual Lease is excited to announce our new webinar program, available starting November 5, 2018. Featuring a series of live webinars presented each and every week, Visual Lease training is not just the ultimate in convenience  — it’s designed to deliver the right instruction to all the users who need it.

What are the benefits of new Visual Lease training?

Whether you are just starting out, have recently upgraded, or need a refresher, Visual Lease training will help make sure you and your team can hit the ground running — optimizing ease of use and the value of your lease accounting and lease administration solution.

Content based on our experience plus proven learning principles.

In creating the new courses, we’ve taken what we’ve learned through training hundreds of Visual Lease users and combined it with successful instruction techniques. The result is a solid educational program.

Open forum with live Q&A expands the value of training.

Visual Lease training makes learning available to everyone, with an open format and no limit in class size. Plus the live Q&A component:

  • Answers real-world question in real time
  • Raises valuable questions you may not have thought of
  • Lets you learn from other users’ questions, challenges, and solutions

The convenience of live training wherever you’re located.

The beauty of a webinar is it’s available wherever you have web access. In the office, at home, or on the road, simply log on at the scheduled time to get the training you need.

A rotating schedule that ensures you won’t miss a thing.

You’re available next week, but your others on your team are not? No problem. By offering the curriculum each week, Visual Lease training gives users the flexibility to participate when it works with each individual’s schedule.

The added bonus of recorded webinars, available to all registered users.

You’re unable to attend at the scheduled time? Again, it’s no problem. After the class, everyone who registered receives a link to a recording of the webinar — for review, for initial viewing, or for sharing with others who could benefit.

No limit to how many times you “attend.”

With Visual Lease training, you can participate in a webinar as many times as you’d like. Plus, you have the recording for later reference, too.

What courses are available?

Visual Lease training offers courses customized for different users, administration levels, and responsibilities. Simply pick and choose which training webinars you want to attend based on what you and your organization needs.

As a dynamic yet structured training program, the curriculum will evolve as any new or changing needs are revealed. The following are the current webinar offerings.


Training I: System Overview

Offered: Mondays, 2:30-3:30 EST (60 minutes)

Audience: All users, with and without edit rights

Course Description: This course provides users with an overview of the Visual Lease platform, explains how to navigate and access the system’s many capabilities, and demonstrates how Visual Lease supports cross-functional collaboration. Attend this course to evaluate the areas of the system you want to further explore based on your role and level of experience.

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Training II: Working with Non-Financial Lease Information

Offered: Tuesdays, 2-3:30 EST (90 minutes)

Audience: Beneficial context for all users; most applicable to those with editing rights

Course Description: This course will take a deep dive into non-financial elements of the lease record. We’ll discuss how to understand and edit general lease information such as location, commencement and expiration dates, rentable area, and lease IDs. This course will also explore how to manage contacts, upload documents, abstract clause details, and manage notes. Participants will learn how the system can be used to capture critical dates and trigger email alerts. Finally, we’ll explore how import templates can be used to mass upload or update lease information. Real estate/facilities users as well as accounting/finance users will benefit from understanding the features and functionality covered in this course.

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Training III: Financial Entries

Offered: Wednesdays, 1-2 EST (60 minutes)

Audience: Users with edit rights

Course Description: This course will cover the creation of financial entries, allowing users to track payment and income schedules that can drive Payables and Accounting calculations. This course will also cover key financial setup information including Financial Categories, General Ledgers, and the Chart of Accounts. Other ancillary modules and functions will be included in this session that effect entries, including allocation of costs, variable rent (including retail percentage rent), and CAM/OpEX setup and invoice management.

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Training IV: Financial Accounting Calculations

Offered: Thursdays, 1-2:30 EST (90 minutes)

Audience: Users with edit rights

Course Description: This course covers both FASB and IFRS standards. This course will consider how information is standardized and how incremental borrowing rates and other corporate-specific information is entered. We will consider the ‘Day One’ process of transitioning to FASB 842 and IFRS 16 schedules and ‘Day Two’ operations of creating new leases, re-measurements, and de-recognition calculations. This course will also cover how to generate a number of financial reports and the GL Feed functions used to post entries in general ledgers.

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Training V: Reporting

Offered: Fridays, 2:00-3:00 EST (60 minutes)

Audience: All users, with and without edit rights

Course Description: Almost every data point in the system can act as a filtering mechanism to generate meaningful reports, and this course will show you how. We’ll explore the most commonly used standard reports (including the disclosure report) and take an in-depth look at custom ad hoc reports.

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Training VI: Administrator Training

Offered: Wednesdays, 3-4 EST (60 minutes)

Audience: Users with administrator rights

Course Description: Visual Lease is a highly configurable software solution. The better administrators of the platform understand the system’s configurability, the more the system can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. This course will walk participants through various administrator functions, including how to adjust general system settings, activate/de-activate users, edit field labels and drop down menus, and configure financial categories and clauses.

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How do I get started?

It’s quick and easy! Simply click on the links above to register for the upcoming Visual Lease training webinars. Questions? Contact Corinne Loveland, Senior Manager of Client Education, at

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