Visual Lease 15.1 – Manage Your OpEx and CAM

By February 23, 2015Bell's Round Table

Key New Modules, Features and Enhancements

CAM / OpEx Module

This all-new, optional module will revolutionize the way you manage your OpEx and CAM changes and reconciliations:

  • Quickly identify anomalous CAM, Operating Expense and other pass-through charges
  • See potential savings to be realized by challenging questionable charges
  • Flag problem bills for further review or audit
  • Easily upload copies of bills and statements as you work on them
  • Create payment entries directly from your statements
  • Standardize expenses structures and reporting across your entire portfolio, regardless of landlords’ varying expense structures and definitions
  • New Expense Analysis report shows month-over-month breakdown of any expense category listed on statements
  • New Standard Report shows the full picture of your statements, payments, rule violations and computed variance across your entire portfolio

New and Updated Lease Fields

  • New fields have been added for County, Floor and Suite
  • Two new user-definable fields are available in each of the Key Information, Location, Dates and Area sections on the Lease General tab
  • New Key Information Comments, Location Comments, Dates Comments and Area Comments fields on the Lease General tab
  • The Lease Description field now can hold an unlimited amount of text
  • Added four new Payee fields to hold Corp #, Site #, Payment Type and Bank Code
  • Extended Payee Vendor Number to hold 100 characters

New and Enhanced Reporting

  • New Financial Variance Report
  • New Invoice Report that generates invoices for upcoming and overdue receivables
  • Updated Ad-Hoc reports to allow Internet Explorer 11 users to be alerted when unsaved changes would be lost by leaving the page
  • New ability to suppress column headers on Ad-Hoc reports

Security Enhancements

  • Users can now be given the ability to run the Accounts Payable Feed without being able to edit other information in the system
  • Users can be given the ability to record payments without being given the ability to update other financial information
  • Administrators can now set other users’ Account Settings
  • Administrators can now restrict which Standard Reports are available to other users
  • Administrators can now lock the Abstract Report content of other users

Enhanced Financial Payments Tracking

  • Added Running Totals to the Payments page and Payments Report
  • Update sorting of Payments to better show month-by-month groupings

New Import Template for Options

  • Added a dedicated import template for lease options
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