More focus. Less time. Lower costs. One system.

Visual Lease provides tangible benefits at all levels of your organization, from the Lease Administration department up to the CEO.

Visual Lease provides tangible benefits at all levels of your organization, from the Lease Administration department up to the CEO.

Visual Lease helps harness the power of automation to organize leases, lower operating costs and transform real estate management like no other software on the market.

Benefits FOR the CEO

The chief executive needs a high level view of how real estate is supporting operations as well as an overview of strategic opportunities across the enterprise.  This information is always available on the Visual Lease dashboard, and details are available with one click of a button.  This enhances executive decision-making and overall business performance.

Benefits FOR the CFO

The chief financial officer needs auditable, Sarbanes-Oxley compliant, real-time statuses of real estate commitments, and how they will change over time. In addition, with the impending changes in lease accounting, he or she must be able to assess the impact of their leases on balance sheet assets and liabilities.  Visual Lease provides all of this information while mitigating risk, all leading to a positive impact on the bottom line.

Benefits FOR the Corporate Real Estate Executive

The CRE executive needs to continuously know the status of the company’s real estate portfolio including termination and option dates, renewal terms and costs.  By having this information readily accessible, not only can he or she control costs, but it becomes easy to identify opportunities to renegotiate lease terms and rates and consolidate or dispose of underused assets. Visual Lease enables the CRE executive to make sound decisions quickly and to take advantage of opportunities to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the portfolio.

Benefits FOR Lease Administration Managers

Managing lease files of any size requires easy-to-use functionality.  One of Visual Lease’s key differentiators is its simple, clean and logical layout.  In fact, the system is so intuitive that most users never need to ask us for help.  See for yourself by requesting a hands-on, personalized demo.  Find out why Visual Lease is the right tool for any size portfolio.

Benefits FOR Leasing project Specialists

Those individuals responsible for lease renewals, expansions, build-outs, relocations and terminations need an easy-to-use tool that will provide instantaneous data on individual leases and projects. Visual Lease is fully accessible on mobile devices, so that lease specialists can access and input data in the field.

Benefits FOR Commercial brokers and tenant representatives

Brokers and tenant reps need client lease data to stay abreast of their critical lease terms, costs and entitlements.  Frequently brokers serve as extensions to the corporate real estate staff, and must be included in the specific portfolio data of their clients so they can execute transactions in a timely and effective manner. Visual Lease provides controllable access to companies’ lease data for effective corporate/broker collaboration and coordination.