SAP Lease Accounting

Is your company prepared for transitions in lease accounting with SAP lease accounting software? The move to the new leasing standards is likely to cause upheaval throughout a variety of industries. From health care to manufacturing, from media to retail — our world’s large businesses rely on leasing their business assets.

The transition to new lease accounting requirements can be significantly easier with the help of the right SAP accounting software. At Visual Lease, we are ready to help support your transition efforts with a comprehensive software implementation plan designed to protect data integrity and conveniently aggregate all your leases in one location.

Today, we offer some steps to point you in the right direction for converting your system into a compliant SAP leasing solution.


Compliance considerations for SAP lease accounting

When it comes to making the move to the new FASB lease regulations, most companies would be well-advised to review their fundamentals.

  • For instance, what are your company’s accounting policies for leases? Have you evaluated the potential impact of the leasing standards on your business model? Have you evaluated the necessity of new estimates, calculation and judgments under the new standard? Starting with those basic questions can help you identify your needs in an SAP accounting software product.
  • At Visual Lease, we are proud to help our clients develop the specific report structure that suits their individual business leases. Whether you are overseeing a fleet of leased vehicles, managing a large number of leased properties, or track licensing agreements for media assets, Visual Lease can help.
  • Our system is fully compatible with the new standards, integrating fully with ERP and existing computing resources. That translates into quick, easy and reliable implementation.

When it comes to lease management and SAP lease accounting, there really is only one logical choice: Visual Lease. Contact our team today — we are just the click of a button away.