Retail Lease Administration Solutions

Lengthy lease documents can be difficult to analyze without the retail lease administration solutions you need on your side. Your lease administrators and financial professionals need the right tools to successfully parse and evaluate leases for your company — so, why are you still using outdated technology?

With the right retail lease administration software, your accounting and lease management professionals can do their jobs faster and more accurately, providing your executives with the information they need to make top-level decisions. At Visual Lease, we offer the retail lease abstraction software that allows you to quickly and accurately extract financial information from leases without all the headaches.


Searchable retail lease administration solutions

Imagine being able to quickly search a centralized database of all your company’s leases — both operating and financial. With Visual Lease’s retail lease administration software, your team can analyze and report on your lease volume without having to spend hours searching hard-copy forms. Furthermore, Visual Lease offers sophisticated tracking options that offer reminders for important dates, terminations, and a variety of other events. Our software assists with abstraction items, including:

  • Alterations
  • Default
  • Damage and destruction
  • Estoppel
  • And more

When your team commits to Visual Lease, you are investing in resources that are consistently updated and modified to keep pace with current regulatory trends. Visual Lease’s administrative staff are lease professionals first, with a strong tech foundation. We serve our clients’ accounting and lease needs with a mind toward lessees’ processes.

Stop worrying about having to sort through compliance documents over and over again, and instead rely on our retail lease administration solutions to help you navigate the release of new requirements. Visual Lease offers the intuitive, data-driven approaches that your organization needs when you are managing hundreds, if not thousands, of leases. Take the burden off of your staff when you enlist our team’s help in managing your lease volume. Contact Visual Lease today — we are just one click away.