Real Estate Lease Management

How can real estate lease management software work for your company? If you are still using paper logs and rudimentary Excel spreadsheets, you may not realize the inefficiencies you could be avoiding with the help of a more sophisticated tool.

At Visual Lease, we offer real estate accounting software that is created by true experts. We understand the complex nature of your real estate lease management needs — and we distill your data down to digestible reports, allowing you to make more reliable business decisions.

The average real estate lease can include as many as 200 distinct, measurable data points, with some modified throughout the course of the lease. Let us show you the benefits that come along with using an integrated accounting and contract management tool.


Real estate lease management software that combines accounting and administration

Why would you want an all-in-one solution for your property lease management and accounting needs? When you choose a single, integrated approach, your teams are able to obtain information faster and more reliably, eliminating the organizational “middle man” that occurs when you use different programs for the same process.

No more waiting for data updates, and the rate of errors in your reporting structure will drop precipitously. Our real estate accounting software not only integrates contract management and accounting, but it also considers the complexity of real estate leases, including:

  • Variable data points such as percentage rents, CPI increases and others
  • Additional financial entry streams
  • More source documentation
  • Discounts and options that affect accounting practices
  • And more

When you are managing your organizational leases, you need a program that is created by experts in the field. At Visual Lease, we know that there is simply too much risk in using paper logs to manage your company-wide lease program. Instead, let our property experts show you how real estate lease management software can help your firm. You can experience fewer worries about audits, and more confidence in your accounting system — all with the help of Visual Lease. Contact us today to learn more!