Real Estate Lease Management Software

How can real estate lease management software help your company oversee your leases and assets? When it comes to real estate lease accounting programs, many organizations retain a rudimentary approach for far too long, wasting valuable time and energy on complicated, decentralized Excel spreadsheets instead of converting to a more comprehensive system.

With the help of Visual Lease, you can bring your lease management system into alignment with the tech-forward focus espoused by the rest of your organization. Our team has full SAP and Oracle integration capabilities, meaning that our program is “friendly” with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software options on the market today.

We are also able to accommodate Cloud-based and SaaS applications associated with your business processes. This thorough level of integration gives you the confidence you need to know that your real estate lease accounting software can work with your enterprise-wide system.

Why you should demand ERP integration from your real estate lease management software

Your ERP system manages billing, financial data, supply chain management details, accounting information, and more — why shouldn’t it also support your lease contract and accounting needs?

Real estate lease accounting programs should feature ERP integration simply because this best practice consolidates information in a central location. No more having to dig for information in separate systems throughout your technology infrastructure.

Furthermore, integrating data management in a single source removes the error that comes along with “swivel chair” data entry, in which information is manually transcribed between systems. Such systems are not only error-prone, but they waste the human potential at your organization.

Let your computer system do the heavy lifting. Visual Lease is a real estate lease management software program that is designed to “talk” to your other enterprise solutions, eliminating error and improving efficiency. Click today for a demonstration of our product.