Real Estate Lease Administration Software

How can real estate lease administration software help your financial services team? When it comes to overseeing hundreds — if not thousands — of leases worldwide, real estate lease administration programs are critical.

Large, multi-location companies like Starbucks and Avis Budget rely on high-tech solutions like Visual Lease to ensure that their leases are appropriately managed. When you are juggling a high volume of leases without the right software to help, your company runs a significant risk for compliance and quality.

We make the difficult world of lease management far simpler with the help of our real estate lease abstraction software. When you are ready to improve the quality of your lease management and ease the burden on your team, it is time to switch to Visual Lease.

How our real estate lease administration software does the heavy lifting

Real estate leases are different than other operating leases because of the number of financial entry streams associated with these agreements. As a result, many systems have difficulty keeping up with the number of data points associated with real estate leases.

With Visual Lease, you never have to worry about invalid or inaccurate data, thanks to our meticulously designed real estate lease administration programs. We have built in features that address:

  • Variable data points, including percentage rents, CPI rent increases and CAM
  • Discounts and options that could affect your lease accounting
  • Unique types of real estate lease financing
  • Leases that quickly change and require complex analysis
  • And even your transition to the new FASB and IFRS standards.

Whether you manage five leases or five thousand, your needs are still the same — you require quick, responsive, intuitive software that delivers the data you need to make key business decisions. With Visual Lease’s more than 30 years of experience and high-quality real estate lease administration software on your side, you can be fully prepared for anything the fast-paced market throws at you. Contact our team now to get started — we are just a click away!