Any custom report your heart desires (or your business needs)

Whether your goal is forecasting, budgeting, compliance, or auditing, Visual Lease enables you to produce the key reports your organization needs. In addition to offering a library of highly configurable standard reports, the solution allows you to quickly and easily create custom reports to meet your specific needs.

See the data you want, the way you want

You can configure our selection of standard reports or use our ad hoc report generator to build reports how you want them, when you want them, with precisely the data you need:

  • See all monthly, annual, 5-year, 10-year, and future rental obligations.
  • Analyze cost per square footage.
  • Drill down by different locations, regions, types of location, brands, and other characteristics.
  • View critical dates, upcoming dates, and upcoming expirations by square footage.

Ad hoc reports can even be saved for reuse, and all reports can be generated in Excel or PDF.

Get the ultimate in reporting flexibility

  • Over 100 standard report combinations built into the system.
  • Fully configurable lease abstract report.
  • Create custom reports in minutes, not hours.
  • Ad hoc reports that can be saved and used over and over.
  • Customize the appearance of any report using Excel as a template.
  • User-defined filters can be saved for reuse and applied to any standard or ad hoc report.
  • Export raw data with each formatted report.

Use dashboards to access key metrics at a glance

You can also use Visual Lease to create dynamic dashboards of critical Business Intelligence that helps you understand lease performance at a glance. As with reporting, you can configure your dashboard to display only what you need, and see it as soon as you log in. For example:

  • View a portfolio summary in graph form, by upcoming expirations, size, and cost.
  • See costs on a square foot or square meter basis.
  • See a list of all of recently opened items, including leases, reports, and projects.
  • View graphs by organization, region, property type, and more.
  • Link graphs to reports created using our ad-hoc reporting feature.
  • See a list of all renewal options, early terminations, expirations, rent bumps, and critical dates.
  • Visualize all lease locations on a map with color-coded icons that link to actual lease records.

Empower the business with data

With the reporting and forecasting capabilities of Visual Lease, your organization can:

  • Provide all stakeholders with visibility into critical information that drives the business.
  • Enable quick, confident decisions that support strategic goals.
  • Establish location strategies based on performance and real estate alternatives.
  • Set goals and track actual performance by locations, business units, regions, or markets.